Nonprofit Membership

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Non-profit Organizations

NEXT Steps Partners In Education (NSPIE) Network
Helping Future Leaders Do Better & Think BIGGER!


Become a Nonprofit NSPIE and let our JEM Teams create digital media content to highlight your mission and good work. Members benefits include:

    • • Create and host work-based learning experiences
    • • Facilitate all member programs (Gamers & Mixers play date esports competitions, Investor/Mentor Meetups, Pop Shop Studios, etc.)
    • • Request and provide scholarships & grants from the Impact Project Fund
    • • Affiliate Program membership to purchase, sell & distribute our products and service brands throughout your NSPIE Network (50 mile radius)
    • • Fundraising for your organization through our Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards Micro-Credentialing System™
    • FREE STEAM Chamber Business Profile Page
    • 5% Discount on business support and organizational development services
    • • All benefits from Volunteer, Student & Mentor Membership packages


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