The Strategist Mindset





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activity worksheets

Lessons & Activities In Critical Thinking
For Learners At Any Age

Skills Self-Assessments

Mapping grids that teach learners how to define, measure, build and name up to 63 of their high-demand employability skills

The Strategist Mindset

Helps learners understand the type of approach they take towards identifying opportunities and solving problems

Critical Thinking Approaches

Helps learners acknowledge various mindsets, leverage existing local resources, and produce high quality, effective and optimized outputs

The STEAM Investigative Process

Our signature interconnected “problem-solving” system that strengthens critical thinking, critical reasoning and life skills development

The Stakeholder's Dilemma

A team building activity that tasks participants to create impact solutions that considers and meet the needs of all stakeholders affected by mutual problem

Community On Demand™ LEAN Canvas Model

We teach learners how to use Community On Demand™ skill cards to populate the sections of their LEAN Canvas Model

"Community On Demand™ is the best curriculum I think I’ve ever been involved with, and I sure hope you embrace it like I do."
LeeAnn Hinchberger
6th-8th Grade Teacher | Dobbins Middle School
Paulding County School District


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