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The Community Involvement Growth Strategy
Our Signature Work-Based Learning Model

Created by Dana Jewel Harris

Work-Based Learning Junior Executive Management Teams
JEM Team work-based learning activities and competitions are designed to strengthen their technical and soft skills in project management, business development, marketing and sales, customer service, financial literacy, event coordination and economic development.
Job Shadowing
School-Based Enterprise

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What Is CIGS?

The Community Involvement Growth Strategy (​CIGS) Model is the organizational development planning system that teams use to create the following work-based learning experiences when they play Community On Demand:

  • Entrepreneurship / Social Ventures – where the student plans, implements, operates, and assumes financial risks in a business that produces goods or delivers services
  • Job Shadowing – places students in workplaces to interact with and observe one or more employees
  • Mentorship – long-term relationship where the student is paired with a community professional who has a recognized record of achievement and first-hand experience in the occupational field or career cluster of the student’s choice
  • School-Based Enterprises – an ongoing, student-managed, entrepreneurial operation within the school setting. It provides goods or services that meet the needs of the school’s target markets (i.e., students, teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, community members, community organizations/businesses)
  • Service-Learning – enable students to learn and apply academic, social, and personal skills to improve the community, continue individual growth, and develop a lifelong ethic of service


The CIGS Model helps teams organize their resources as they provide real time application of their high-demand employability skills and solve real-world challenges that negatively affect their communities.  As teams develop, CIGS helps them promote and execute new business development and project management strategies, organize their people resource management operations, and plan future development of unique special events. Its built-in financial literacy component helps team design immediate and constant income streams, protect their creative properties, and provide separate tracking sources for their achievements.


The CIGS Model was created by NEXT Steps Founder, Dana Jewel Harris.  She created it based on her experiences in new business development at Burrell Communications Group, A&R Administration at LaFace Records, and U.S. military transportation and logistics operations during Desert Storm/Desert Shield.

CIGS Model Deliverables

Training & Development
The CIGS  Model helps teams create key leadership roles, attend growth development sessions with mentors, document, plan and execute special events, projects and promotions, update the organization of the status of current past and future business affairs and create networking opportunities. They will also learn how to set financial goals as well as learn the importance of collecting dues and membership fees.


People Management
Through successful events, people growth will place focus on the expansion of our policies & procedures. The development and implementation of an effective people management strategy will help each NEXT Steps, Inc. chapter ensure they have the right people, in the right places with the right skills, at the right time.


Special Events Management
Special events (including Lyrical) will be designed to implement the skills gained and encourage networking/sharing of information. Events will be in the forms of business forums, health fairs, trade shows, expositions, and of course music competitions, workshops and concerts. Special events will showcase and advertise NEXT Step members, vendors, sponsors, and volunteers that have been selected to present their cutting edge creations, products, services and ideas.


Business Forums
Business forums will host and display selected individuals works from our contests and related events. It will also play multiple roles as a networking vehicle, educational facility, and potential outlay for new business:

  • To give concrete factual information to members and associates to show possible profitability of past, present and future venture activities
  • To highlight industry trends and future trendsetters
  • To solicit for financial support

Press Conferences

  • To give interviews regarding status and future plans as well as expectations of future plans
  • To answer questions of the press and media
  • To take advantage of photo opportunities

Networking Opportunities

  • To promote special event concepts
  • To hold discussions with influential associates and potential clients regarding highlight of future business opportunities
  • To pursue problems, opportunities, significant areas of interest to better prepare for next level of business
  • To get better ideas of possible operational procedures and operating locations

System R3 Awards & Ceremonies

  • To recruit, recognize and reward existing, new and potential member candidates by showcasing winners of contests and special events promotions
  • To promote the special events concepts to target audiences
  • To share vision with coordinators and management successful procedures and “survival tips”
  • To have open discussions with members to help layout future plans and endeavors
  • To exchange information regarding style, technique and applications at skater showcases

Honorary Tributes

  • To provide concrete direction concerning topics of discussion and preparation for the next wave of future leaders.
  • To highlight those whose contributions are directly related to the target markets.

“50 Big Ideas”


Georgia Tech’s Serve-Learn-Sustain Sustainable Communities Model

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