Sports Career Awareness Program

Enhanced work-based learning experiences that introduce youth and young adults to 46 STEAM career pathways in Sports Management & Entertainment.

Entrepreneurship Village​

College & Career Readiness

Favor House is integrating Community On Demand into their existing sports programs to create enhanced work-based learning experiences for at-risk youth and young adults that strengthen their high-demand employability skills in:
- project management
- business development
- event coordination
- economic development and
- entrepreneurship

Purpose Development Learning Activities

Through Enhanced Work-Based Learning Experiences

Junior Executive Management Teams provide learners with meaningful work-based learning experiences and skill-building opportunities as they learn how to create, coordinate and manage events and activities that address, reduce and/or eliminate negative socio-economic conditions in their community.


Introduction to Community On Demand and project expectations

Skills Assessment

Pre-assessment of high-demand employability skills and career mapping conversation

Skills Development

Implementation of skill-building activities via enhanced work-based learning experiences

Career Matching

Transitional training and job placements with Local Contributor Network members

We Help Youth & Young Adults

Bring Their Ideas To Life Instantly

Skills Assessment

Determine which skills you have and how to monetize them

Mission Statement

Develop an action plan for your innovative ideas and solutions

Team Building

Assign roles and responsibilities to your network resources

Resource Management

Understand the value of your time, skills and resources

Leadership Development

Strengthen your ability to motivate others and solve problems

Personal Branding

Demonstrate growth by presenting the results of your achievements

Curriculum Components & Materials

Customize Your Learning Experience

Participants will be required to purchase one or more of the items below in order to complete training with the Local Contributor Network program

Intro To Community On Demand

Online course and presentation that gives and overview of the Community On Demand curriculum, the training activities that the group will be engaged in, important dates, times and deliverables, and the training materials required.

Community On Demand Game Set

Each participant needs to have at least:

  • (1) Community On Demand card deck
  • (3) Community On Demand Skills Self-Assessment Worksheets
  • (1) Community On Demand Game Board

Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook & Online Course

The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook is the official textbook of the Community On Demand card game curriculum. It also offers an online course, activity worksheets and lesson plans for each of its online courses. Courses can be purchased together or purchased individually. Group licenses available.

JEM Team Basic Training & Leadership Workshop

For JEM Teams that wish to create and implement crowd-funding campaigns to market, sell and distribute the products, services and content they create in a competitive or non-competitive setting.

Gamers & Mixers Meetups & Career Fairs

Events hosted by the Local Contributor Network where JEM Teams present the results of their training, and celebrate their achievement, and demonstrate the growth of their employability skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us For More Information

We are accepting youth and young adults ages 13-24.  Maximum number of participants per JEM Team:  30.

Training will be conducted both in-person and virtually.  For in-person training, masks must be worn at all times until further notice.  

Snacks and bottled water will be provided.  Participants are free to bring their own lunch, snacks and beverages as well.  Participants must have their microphones on mute and cameras off if they are consuming snacks during virtual sessions.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and shoes with socks and rubber soles.  No open toe shoes, slippers, or sandals that do not cover up the entire foot and toes.  Spaghetti straps, tank tops, halter tops, mid-drifts, and t-shirts with holes, messages or symbols that display violence, drugs, guns, weapons, foul language or inflammatory gestures, ideas or actions are not permitted.

All JEM Team training materials:

  •  Community On Demand card deck
  • Three skills self-assessment worksheet (Download)
  • Game board
  • JEM Team Activity Toolkit (Download)

Based on the program, activity or event, JEM Team leadership training sessions can last between 4-8 weeks.

Register to become a member of the Local Contributor Network. Click here for more info.

Get Community On Demand Certified

Attend our Train-The-Trainer Workshops to become a certified Purpose Development Coach.




CTE Course Standards


Employability Skills


Achievement Domains

Mrs. Subrenia Willis

Executive Director
Favor House Track Team
1926 John Calvin Avenue
College Park, GA 3033

Junior Executive Management Teams will be working with their Favor House client to develop their leadership skills, create impact solutions, and manage scheduled activities for each of the following programs, activities and events:

  • Favor Track Team (5x weekly, Spring & Summer)
  • Favor Feet (3x weekly, health and nutrition program)
  • Boys & Girls of Favor (mentoring program)
  • Let’s Move Summer Camp (summer youth enrichment camp 5x weekly)
  • College Park Entrepreneur Organization (6 week job skills program)
  • Field Trips (monthly field trips, year round)
  • Homework assistance (year-round)
  • Favor House Headquarters (year-round)

Special Thanks To Our
Local Contributor Network

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