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Providing Business Support Services For Youth Ventures & Non-Profits

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NEXT Steps Consultation

Increase Your Social Return On Investment (SROI)!

NEXT Steps exists to provide Community Involvement Growth Strategies for organizations that deliver STEM++ education, youth entrepreneur training, career mentoring and service learning opportunities for at-risk Millennials (K-12) by:

  • Creating fun and interactive projects, activities and environments
  • Allowing students, organizational leadership and business owners to stay consistently engaged.
  • Providing access to educational tools and systems to supplement in-school curricula.
  • Making in-school and afterschool classroom visits
  • Creating mission-focused learning activities for youth organizations
  • Developing internal organizational development and communications strategies for small groups and businesses
  • Developing fundraisers, promotions and awareness activities
  • Assisting with grant writing, business plan development, and event management

For more information about developing a
Community Involvement Growth Strategy
for your community, Contact Us.

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Submit your request to speak with a NEXT Steps Consultant to determine what programs and services are needed for your youth group, business or organization:

  • STEM++ Education
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Career Mentoring
  • Service Learning Opportunities


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Business Support Services & Research Center


We Work With Work-based Learning, Continuing Education & Registered Apprenticeship Programs

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Marketing Co-operative & Fundraising
Monthly Subscription Required

A. Partners In Education Membership Program
$10 – $149 Annual Fee

B. Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System Sponsorships
• Individual Badges – $10-150 ea
• Digital Badge Collections – $140+
• JEM Team Collection – $300
• Digital Badge Gallery – $2,400/set
• NSPIE Courses – Varies

C. Community On Demand TV*
Website Digital Ads, TRENDS DataReports, Ad space, College Town Promotional Materials, STEM++ Direct Digital Magazine & TRENDS Blog Posts

Show Rates
$99/mo NSPIE Members (1st year)
$199/mo Non NSPIE Members

Channel Rates
$399/mo NSPIE Members (1st year)
$599/mo Non NSPIE Members

Monthly Subscriptions
$FREE-3/month (K-12 Institutions)
$3-5/month (Individual Standard Fee)[/wd_our_project][wd_our_project link=”https://nextstepsyep.org/cod-forms/partnership-plan/” img=”79418″ img_size=”full”]

Legal Start-Up Registrations

• Federal Registration
• Secretary of State
• Annual Budgets
• EIN/Dun & Bradstreet
• Business License
• Nonprofit Organizations


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Grants/Technical Writing for Funding
PLUS Service Agreement upon Contract Award

Loan package development, presentation & procurement
$500 Retainer
3-5% loan amount (Commission optional)
$500/week (minimum)
Terms negotiable

[/wd_our_project][wd_our_project link=”https://nextstepsyep.org/cod-forms/partnership-plan/” img=”79418″ img_size=”full”]


$500/week (minimum)
$500 Retainer
Terms negotiable

[/wd_our_project][wd_our_project link=”https://nextstepsyep.org/cod-forms/partnership-plan/” img=”79418″ img_size=”full”]

STEM++ Direct Staffing
$19-$52/hour (Hourly Billing Rates)

Office Automation
A. Document Management Systems
• Document Tree Development
• Assessment & Consultation (5 hour max)
• Monthly Maintenance Fee

B. QuickBooks & Online Billing
• Up to 10 hours/week
• Up to 20 hours/week
• Up to 40 hours/week


[wd_our_project link=”http://nextstepsyep.org/partners-in-education/” img=”77976″ img_size=”full”]

Organizational Development & Project Management

A Custom Community Involvement Growth Strategy Model for your business or organization

• Initial Consultation
• SWOT Analysis
• Executive Coaching
• CIGS Model Customization
• Project Management

10% Retainer
Terms negotiable

[/wd_our_project][wd_our_project link=”https://nextstepsyep.org/cod-forms/partnership-plan/” img=”79418″ img_size=”full”]

Business Plan
$3,500 Per Plan

$500 Retainer
$500/week (minimum)
Terms negotiable
30-90 Days Completion*

[/wd_our_project][wd_our_project link=”https://nextstepsyep.org/cod-forms/partnership-plan/” img=”79418″ img_size=”full”]

Business Plan Sections
(A la Carte)
$300 (per section)

• Executive Summary
• Market Analysis
• Company Overview
• Marketing & Sales Activities
• Products & Services
• Operations
• Management, Ownership & Organizational Structure
• Funds Required
• Financial Presentation (Historic to Future Projections)
• Appendix/Company Presentation



Use the form below to inquire about the business support services of The NEXT Steps Small Business Incubator.

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