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Certification for The STEAM Investigative Process means you have mastered our signature leadership, team building and decision-making process for creative problem-solving.

To become SIP Certified, you must be able to prove that you have applied The STEAM Investigative Process and systematically strengthened your ability to acknowledge various mindsets, leverage existing local resources, and produce high quality, effective and optimized outputs..

Orientation is required for everyone that wish to begin their SIP certification process. Enroll today!

Online workshop & webinar series

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Learners of all ages

No degree or prior experience needed

Certificates & Micro-Certifications

Get a personalized certificate and micro-certifications based on your skillset

8-12 Weeks

Great for semester projects, work & project-based learning experiences, and professional development

Our "Black Box" Logic Model

We take you through a series of workshops that teach you how to design, build, monitor, evaluating and optimize the systems, programs, and projects required to sustain an interconnected learning ecosystem.

All courses and workshops offered through The NEXT Steps Online Training Academy provides certificates of completion as well as digital micro-certifications to acknowledge and reward proven skills development as you complete your STEAM Investigative Process certification course.

"The subject of mathematics provides teachers and students with ample opportunities to engage in critical reasoning activities. However, although answers are important, we must stop focusing solely on students’ ability to “calculate an answer” and instead focus on the student’s process of inquiry, recognizing that solutions are just one piece of the inquiry process.

Optimize your Outputs

Job readiness

Learn how to define, measure, build and name up 63 high-demand employability skills

Expert trainer

Master The STEAM Investigative critical thinking & creative problem-solving process

Portfolio project

Gain experience through meaningful project-based learning activities

Industry recognized

Earn micro-credentials based on national CTAE course standards and curricula

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Who is
SIP Certification for?

SIP Scholars

Youth (6th-12th grades) and young adults ages 16-24

We feature The STEAM Investigative Process inside The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook, Toolkit & Online Courses to help leaners assess their skillset, build a Junior Executive Management (JEM) team, increase their financial literacy skills, and ultimately launch a service-learning project and/or social venture

Project by SIP SCHOLAR
Miniyah Wynn, JEM TEAM Workshops & Special Events Director

CEO, M.O.O.N. Art & Design Company | Liberated Minds Hueniversity

Corey Thomas, Retired US Army

Veteran's Molding Minds, Executive Director

SIP Instructors

Teachers, educators, mentors, hiring managers, project managers, executives, team leaders, community leaders and life coaches

We teach educators, mentors, hiring managers and life coaches how to use The STEAM Investigative Process with our Community On Demand™ card game to strategically design, build, monitor, evaluate, and optimize the outputs and outcomes of projects and programs within an interconnected learning ecosystem

SIP Source Centers

Organizations that host learning, and engagement activities that support STEAM Education and readiness programs for college, career, business and community reinvestment.

We use The STEAM Investigative Process to help community stakeholders develop capacity-building strategies, marketplaces, community development programs, and project-based service learning experiences to 1) address, reduce, and/or eliminate the negative impact of local socio-economic conditions and 2) facilitate early investment in the development of a highly skilled local constituency.


aSTEAM Village, Executive Director | Digital KC Now Initiative

Key Benefits

Official & Verified

All Community On Demand™ micro-credentials are registered with a world-leading non-profit collaborative advancing edtech interoperability, innovation, and learning impact.

Easily Shareable

Participants can promote their success and achievements through their social media networks

Enchances Credibility

Verifies your mastery of The STEAM Investigative Process and your ability to use it to solve real world challenges.

Do Better. Think BIGGER!

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