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Community On Demand
Digital Media Network

Create community involvement growth strategies using our award-winning CIGS Model

Online Courses &
Training Academy

Increase STEAM skills in project management, business development, community economics, event coordination & financial literacy.

NEXT Steps Small
Business Incubator

Launch innovative ideas and business ventures through our special events, stores and service-learning projects

Digital Badge & Skillcoin
Rewards System

Recognize and reward learners when they strengthen their STEAM skills, share proof of their achievements and earn micro-certifications.

STEM Direct
Youth Staffing Solutions

Sponsor stipends, impact funds, and service-learning projects through our flexible, blended-learning employment solutions.

Pop Shop Ecommerce Marketplace

Earn commissions, trade dollars & Skillcoin Rewards while advertising and promoting our products, services and brands.

Serving Families & Communities Since 2008

We engage disenfranchised individuals through community involvement growth strategies and empower them with the life and high-demand STEAM skills needed to create, secure and retain employment opportunities within their local communities.