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Train-The-Trainer Toolkit

The Ultimate Set of Tools for SIP Certification


The Community On Demand™ Train-The-Trainer Toolkit includes everything you need to complete the entire STEAM Investigative Process (SIP) Certification workshop series.

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Everything you need to become
SIP Certified!

Get all the tools you need to complete become Certified in the STEAM Investigative Process (SIP). We offer three types of SIP certification:

  • SIP Scholars
  • SIP Instructors
  • SIP Source Centers

The STEAM Investigative Process is our signature decision-making system that strengthens critical thinking, critical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. It acknowledges various mindsets, leverages existing local resources, and produces high quality, effective and optimized outputs in order to create innovative learning ecosystems that ensure learners are equipped with life readiness skills for college, career, business and community reinvestment.

SIP Certification Orientation

Learn More About Our Self-Paced & Guided Workshop Series

Values & Identity Profile (VIP) Workshop

3-4 hrs

Introduces The Community On Demand game set and activities that include a skills self-assessment, The Strategist Mindset, and development of your values & identity profile deliverables

The Stakeholder's

8-10 hrs

Introduces The STEAM Investigative Process and how it is used to identify and meet the needs of all key stakeholders that are impacted by the solutions created to solve problems.

The Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) Model

14-16 hrs

Teaches participants how to explore their community for resources, form a winning mission statement for their impact solution, and build a solutions-driven project management team.

Community On Demand Train-The-Trainer

8-10 weeks/1 semester

Teaches participants how to play and win the game through non-competitive game play or through four competition phases in the Gamers & Mixers esports league.

Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams

8-10 weeks/1 semester

Youth leadership workshop that takes learners through the seven lessons in The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs as they complete a project-based learning experience using The STEAM Investigative Process.

The ATWOOD Model

8-10 weeks

Teaches participants how to serve as a community-based anchor organization for the programs and activities that will sustain the Community On Demand Digital Media Network and creative economy

Here's What's Inside . . .

NOTE: STEAM Investigative Process Certification Workshop fees are not included in the price of this toolkit.

Community On Demand™ Game Set

Includes one 72-piece card deck, an 18"x24" dry-erase game board & three skills self-assessment worksheets

Activity Worksheets

Includes over 13 activity worksheets required to complete deliverables for the Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs and SIP Certification process

Evaluation Rubrics

Three levels of output and outcome evaluation to track, measure, assess and report demonstrated growth in skills, knowledge and capability, organizational integrity and sustainability, and the impact of optimized outputs and readiness outcomes

Community On Demand™ Virtual Connections Mentoring Platform

1-Year Subscription to the Community On Demand™ career-building platform and Digital Media Network (powered by Pathful) which connects learners to a video library of industry chats with thousands of STEAM professionals and a career and skills matching portal.

Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook & Online Course

An interactive activity workbook and online course that uses the Community On Demand™ card game, The STEAM Investigative Process, and project-based learning experiences to strengthen a learner's skills in financial literacy, digital technologies, entertainment, entrepreneurship and local economics.

Community On Demand™ Train-The-Trainer Educator's Guide

Explains the key components of her Community On Demand™ game-based learning management system and provides educators with a universal skills development and assessment system that easily integrates into their lesson plans, curricula and training programs.

Mentor Membership

1-Year subscription to the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce which entitles you to discounts of products sold in our Pop Shop online store as well additional engagement opportunities within the Community On Demand™ creative economy.

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