The Making Of Men

D. Jewel Harris

JEM Teams will coordinate annual Making Of Men Investor/Mentor Meetups and fashion shows during the month of July to bring awareness to men's mental health and wellness.
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Health Science STEM++ Career Cluster

Provides experiences with planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development.

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About The Men’s Health Network
Campaign Contact:
Baba “Yoga” Bey
Men’s Health Network
Phone & Email: Link
College Town: Atlanta Metro/Tech College Town

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Men's Mental Health Awareness Service-Learning Project

The service goals for this service-learning project has been converted into internships that will pay students through a sponsored digital badge collection. Students that want to apply for these internships should click the job link or the STEM++ Direct Job Board Listings button below.

Service Goals:

  1. Develop a College Town community map of this location for the Atlanta Metropolitan State/Atlanta Technical College Town Job Link
  2. Coordinate an Investor/Mentor Meetup to present service-learning project to Partners In Education of the Atlanta Metropolitan State/Atlanta Technical College Town. Job Link
  3. Create multi-media content to document and promote the progress, impact and outcomes of this service-learning project. Job Link
STEM++ Direct Job Board

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The Making Of Men

Event Chair: Baba Yoga Bey

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Digital Badge Collection Sponsorships

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