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Money Guide Curriculum Series
& Community On Demand STEAM Education & Life Skills Development Card Game

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Choose Your Membership Level
The NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network is comprised of the students, educators, volunteers, STEAM mentors, nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses that work together to support communities where they live, work, learn, play & travel.

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Student $10/year Youth (17 & under); Parent permission required
Mentor or Individual $55/year Includes adults (age 18+) and STEAM professionals not joining as part of a non-profit organization or business
Non-profit Organizations $99/year Community-focused groups, schools, governments, etc.
For-Profit Businesses $149/year Local businesses, corporations, etc.

The Official Membership Program of the
STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce

form your partnership plan.

Customize Your Learning Platform
Build your curriculum based on the type of solutions you what your learners to create.

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Community On Demand STEAM Education & Life Skills Development Card Game Conduct a skills assessment
Award micro-credentials for student achievement
Create a crowdfunding campaign
Launch a social venture
Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Curriculum Series Develop a business plan
Create a land use master plan or Community Involvement Growth Strategy
Participate in a leadership development workshop
Pop Shop Studios Participate in a work-based learning experience:
School-Based Enterprise
Service Learning

Work-based Learning & Professional Development Experiences
Create learning environments to execute your impact solutions. A Train-The-Trainer workshop is available for each program and work-based learning experience.
*NOTE:  Requires a Certificate of Completion from at least one program listed above.

Apprenticeship Career preparation that integrates curriculum and On-the-Job Training to help students gain employability and occupational skills Community On Demand Digital Media Network
Entrepreneurship Where the student plans, implements, operates, and assumes financial risks in a business that produces goods or delivers services Community On Demand Investment Club & Career Fairs
Mentorship Consists of a long-term relationship focused on supporting the growth and development of students as they learn about a particular industry and workplace Legacies & Millennials Investor/Mentor Meetups
School-Based Enterprise Is an ongoing, student-managed, entrepreneurial operation within the school setting Pop Shop Studios (Affiliate Program)
Service Learning Enable students to learn and apply academic, social, and personal skills to improve the community, continue individual growth, and develop a lifelong ethic of service Gamers & Mixers Esports League

create your training schedule.

Activate Your Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System License*
Choose the number of learners that will need to gain access to your NEXT Steps Online Training Academy portal and online coursework.
*NOTE:  Required only if you’re purchasing online courses.

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Annual License $995/year Group Management Dashboard can add users, remove users, add courses, add licenses, see course results, drill down to quiz answers, and more.
Up to 20 Participants $15/student 20 Licenses to be assigned within 1 year
21 to 100 Participants $9.95/student $9.95 Per License
101 to 250 Participants $7.95/student $7.95 Per License
251 to 1000 Participants $6.95/student $6.95 Per License
1001 to 2500 Participants $5.95/student $5.95 Per License
2501+ Participants $4.95/student $4.95 Per License

Start Date & Length of Time
Decide when your training program should start.
*NOTE: Our training sessions follow the standard K-12 school calendar.

Session I August – December
Session II January – May
Session III June – July
General (Basic) 45 minutes
General (Advanced) 90 minutes
1/2 day 4 hours
full day 8 hours
Workshop 3-5 days
Instructional Block 12 weeks

sustain your successes.

Extend Your Impact!
Support the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce to help communities promote, support and sustain the benefits from implemented impact solutions.

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Marketing & Advertising Post jobs on our Jobs Board to market, promote and advertise your support for STEAM education during any training session or throughout the year.
Sponsorships & Donations Purchase STEAM Education eGift cards to help learners focus on specific STEAM skills needed to sustain their community ecosystem and the triple bottom line of your business.
NSPIE Anchor Sites Purchase a license to become a Pop Shop ecommerce and retail distribution hub (affiliate) for your territory within the NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network.
Startups & Program-Related Investments Help boost the Community On Demand digital economy by participating in our community shares initiative.

Check Out Our Modular Components
Build According To How You Learn!

Live-streaming, One-To-One & Self-Paced Learning Platforms Available

Money Guide Activity Workbooks

Innovative curriculum that provide detailed instructions on how to develop a business plan, form a project team, coordinate an event or even launch a business in eight easy steps.

Community On Demand Card Game

Fun card game that helps learners conduct self-assessments of their STEAM skills to package their personal brand, develop business strategies, fill out applications and build their resumes. 

Memberships, Subscriptions & Partnership Plans

Our planning models create meaningful levels of community engagement and growth strategies for all members of the NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network.

Training Workshops & Professional Development

We provide leadership training through hands-on, applied learning techniques for students, mentors, STEAM educators, career professionals and lifelong learners.

Lesson Plans, Worksheets, and Certificates of Achievements

We provide detailed instructions and worksheets to help you maximize use of our learning tools and certificates of achievement to help you measure your success.

Online Courses, Tests, Quizzes & Surveys

The NEXT Steps Online Training Academy provides self-paced and live instruction as well as detailed performance reports to measure academic achievement.

Digital Badges & Skillcoin Rewards

Our micro-credentialing system tracks and measures student progress while providing flexible, blended learning employments solutions

Flyers, Posters, Stickers & Event Invitations

Our ecommerce and marketing tools help fund and promote the venture launches, service-learning projects and special events of young innovators .

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“One of the center’s first programs this summer, Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs, invites students to free summer classes from June 10 to Aug. 2. Students will pick a community issue and use science, technology, engineering, art and math skills to tackle the problem, Richards said.”
– BY LUKE RANKER, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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May 06, 2019 01:56 pm, UPDATED May 06, 2019 04:06 pm

“The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs is a resource guide that stimulates STEAM concepts, community transformation, leadership and entrepreneurship. It is timely, creative and innovative!”
– Chike Akua, Ph.D., Author
Education for Transformation:
The Keys to Releasing the Genius of African American Students

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