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The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

Our Mission is to revolutionize STEAM education through
financial literacy, blockchain technology, entertainment & entrepreneurship

“[The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs] is a resource guide that stimulates STEAM concepts, community transformation, leadership and entrepreneurship. It is timely, creative and innovative!”
– Chike Akua, Ph.D., Author
Education for Transformation:
The Keys to Releasing the Genius of African American Students

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The STEAM Investigative Process

Community On Demand Earn & Learn Game Features

Dream Mission Statement mock-00267

Online Courses

Take online courses to learn how to earn digital badges and master your STEAM Skills

deck - 270 cards

eGift, Trading Cards & Board Game

Use our eGift, trading card and board game to promote your STEAM skills and raise funds for your projects


Lesson Plans

Lesson plans provide detailed instructions and explanations from each online course

bundle v4

Activity Toolkits

Purchase product bundles to play Community On Demand with your team, business or group

Fun, hands on training events with a NEXT Steps instructor or JEM team leader.

Special events, career fairs, investor/mentor meetups, showcases and pop up vending opportunities.

Our marketing & distribution networks in music, film/tv, fashion, radio, gaming, digital media, arts & entertainment.

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About Community On Demand

The Community On Demand STEAM Education Trading Card Game is a free-to-play STEAM education and life skills development game that is played through the Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs.  It uses eight lessons that teach students how to use the STEAM Investigative Process, form Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams, and  create fun service learning projects that demonstrate how their STEAM skills affect the Community On Demand digital economy.

The Community On Demand Trading Card Game
also uses digital media technologies, marketing and distribution channels to help students increase the current marketplace value of their STEAM skills, launch business ventures, and address socio-economic conditions that negatively impact their community.

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        Trading Card Game

The CoD Game Strategy

The Community On Demand Trading Card Game is built upon a basic critical thinking and problem solving system call The STEAM Investigative Process (STEAM I.P.). It uses 68 employable STEAM skills and 270+ service goals (competencies) that are displayed on the front of each STEAM Education trading card.

Community On Demand combines STEAM education, digital badging, applied learning and the compelling collectible and strategic game play of a trading card game (TCG) with entertainment and entrepreneurship to help young innovators and entrepreneurs strengthen their employable STEAM skills, launch business ventures and improve their community.

A Message From The Author

Hear the incredible story of Dana Jewel Harris and how the loss of her beloved 4-acre farm in West End, Atlanta, GA helped her create The Community On Demand Trading Card Game, her Digital Badge Skillcoin Rewards System™ and “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” Activity Workbook.

She is currently preparing “The Power of Perception” Speaking Tour. Book her now for your next conference, workshop, professional development or classroom training event. We work with all budgets!

The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program is an award-winning intermediary workforce development program that specializes in creating community engagement strategies for STEAM education initiatives.

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