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A NEW! Innovative STEAM EdTech Platform

Veteran-Led Leadership Training & Soft Skills Development Program That Helps You Identify Up To 63 of Your High Demand STEAM Skills To Create, Secure and Retain Employment & Business Opportunities In Your Community

Learn how to play The Community On Demand™ STEAM education & life skills development card game within 30 minutes or less . . . GUARANTEED!

Use these 5 tips to discover how The Community On Demand STEAM Education & Life Skills Development card game can help you quickly and easily identify and strengthen up to 63 of your high-demand STEAM skills!

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Become a member of the NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network


 A community involvement growth strategy, digital badge collection and Partnership Plan


Complete a leadership, workforce readiness, professional development or transitional training workshop or online course


Gain STEAM skills, micro-credentials and certificates that will help you secure and keep employment & career-building opportunities

Featured Programs
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$10 – $149/year
Partners In Education

The students, volunteers, mentors, nonprofits and for-profit businesses that wish to sustain their communities through STEAM education.

$25/month & up
The CoD
Investment Club

Have fun with your philanthropy as you invest in STEAM education events, innovations and community involvement growth strategies.

$250/mo & up
Startup & Small
Business Support Services

Launch your innovative ideas and business ventures through our special events, competitions, stores and service-learning projects.

$140 & up
Collective Impact

Sponsor stipends, impact funds, and micro-certifications for our flexible, blended-learning employment solutions.

$125 & up
Retail & Affiliate

NSPIE members can earn commissions, trade dollars & Skillcoin Rewards while advertising and promoting our products, services and brands

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The Community On Demand STEAM Education & Life Skills Development Game

The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Curriculum Series

Gamers & Mixers Technology Workshops, Esports League & Networking Events

JEM Team Merch

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Are You Ready To Play?

Community on Demand play dates not only serve as a way for us to identify skills and apply them to solutions for the problems in our community, they also help us learn more about who we are and what we have to offer.

Digital Badges DECODED!

*** FREE WEBINAR *** Digital Badges DECODED! What Every STEAM Educator, Lifelong Learner And Young Entrepreneur Needs to Become More Competitive Within Today’s Global Economy, October 22, 2019 @ 8:30 a.m. Eastern

Where The Heck Have You Been!?! The Re-Birth of My TRENDS Blog

I’m re-birthing my TRENDS Blog to share a glimpse of my journey from that heart-breaking day up to this “come back” moment.

The Next Community On Demand Investor/Mentor Meetup Will Introduce The CoD Investment Clubs For Youth & Adults

The Community On Demand Investor/Mentor meetup focuses on bridging the communications gap between the STEAM education and business communities for smarter investments in community-centered impact solutions.

Serving Families & Communities Since 2008

In order to reduce the negative impact of poverty, we help disenfranchised individuals gain the life and high-demand STEAM skills needed to create, secure and retain employment opportunities within their local communities..