Community On Demand™ Card Deck (72 cards)


The Community On Demand™ card deck is an innovative 72-pc pocket-size, card game curriculum that uses five color-coded achievement domains to help learners:

  • Quickly define, measure, build and name their high-demand employability skills (in one hour or less!)
  • Create a resume, pitch deck, business plan and capability report
  • Identify local resources and career-building opportunities
  • Assess their level of workforce readiness
  • Strengthen their leadership, team building and creative problem-solving skills

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49 in stock


The Career Mapping Conversation

Here’s How To Play & Win

The Community On Demand™ card game uses five color-coded achievement domains to bring the career mapping conversation to life!  It helps learners identify the skills they have and figure out the skills they need to develop a mission statement, locate financial resources and get closer to achieving their life, business and career goals.

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