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Leadership & Skills Development Program

Since 2008, The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program (501c3) has served as a nonprofit workforce intermediary that specializes in creating interconnected, project-based learning courses, workshops, programs and innovative learning tools (manipulatives) that transform critical thinking, creative problem-solving and life skills into readiness for college, career, business & community reinvestment.

August 2020. During COVID, Paulding County, GA becomes the first school district to integrate Community On Demand™ into their 4-Year Perkins V Funded Career, Technical and Agricultural (CTAE) Employability Skills Development Strategy for all 6th-8th grades.

Marores Perry
Director of Career, Technical & Agriculture Education
Paulding County School District
Paulding County, GA

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Innovative Learning Tools

A game-based platform for skills self-assessments, online learning & building community

Game Set

Use the fun of a card game to inspire learning and calls to action

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Online Courses

eLearning courses that provide readiness for college, career, business and community reinvestment

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SIP Certification

Gain experiential learning credits for leadership development, critical thinking and problem solving

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Our Learning Tools & Activities
Deliver National K-12 CTAE Course Standard #1
For Employability Skills Development & Improved Performance On Standardized Tests

Over 0 Game Sets Sold & Donated!


Meets US CTE Course Standard #1


6-12th grade students engaged


Immediate gains in skills identification


Game sets sold and donated to date


Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, listening, reading, and interpersonal abilities.


Demonstrate creativity by asking challenging questions and applying innovative procedures and methods.


Exhibit critical thinking and problem-solving skills to locate, analyze and apply information in career planning and employment situations


Model work readiness traits required for success in the workplace including integrity, honesty, accountability, punctuality, time management, and respect for diversity.


Apply the appropriate skill sets to be productive in a changing, technological, diverse workplace to be able to work independently and apply teamwork skills.


Present a professional image through appearance, behavior and language
"Community On Demand™ is the best curriculum I think I’ve ever been involved with, and I sure hope you embrace it like I do."
LeeAnn Hinchberger
6th-8th Grade Teacher | Dobbins Middle School
Paulding County School District

our most recent PLAY DATES

Centennial High School | Fulton County, GA

Evidence-based data

Average percentage increases in skill awareness using the Community On Demand™ (CoD) interactive skills self-assessment card game and worksheet


10-12th Graders




5 Classes


Avg # Skills

Before CoD™


Avg # Skills

After CoD™

Achievement Domains

Life Skills & Workforce Readiness

Use our tools to strengthen readiness for college, career, business & community reinvestment

Our Learning Tools

Game Set

5 Components

Online Courses

Activity Guides & Toolkits


STEAM Investigative Process


& Training Events

Course License

Unlimited Number of Enrolled Students


Experiential Service Learning Projects


Guided Instruction & Business Support Services


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All over the country, educators, legislators and law enforcement officers are asking, “What are we to do with marginalized and alienated youth in urban areas?” Community On Demand is the answer!
Chike Akua, Ph.D., Author
“Education for Transformation: The Keys to Releasing the Genius of African American Students” Teacher Transformation Institute

Experiential Learning

Strengthen critical thinking, leadership, team-building and creative problem-solving skills


The Community On Demand™ Game Set

Collect. Trade. Share!
Use the Community On Demand™ card game to create learning environments that give your learners a better way to "visualize" their career mapping conversation and conduct their own self-assessment of the skills they have right now.


The NEXT Steps Online Training Academy

Do Better.
Use the Community On Demand™ card game and Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook with our interactive online courses to give your learners a more ways to gain new skills and creatively solve real world challenges.


The Community On Demand™ Creative Economy

Use the Community On Demand™ card game to participate in career-building opportunities offered through the Community On Demand™ Digital Media Network, JEM-TV News Channel and Gamers & Mixers Esports Competition to help learners pitch, launch and monetize their products, services, innovative ideas, impact solutions and social ventures.

Enjoy our
hybrid learning experiences:

Guided + Self-Paced Instruction


  • 2-day research and theory workshops
  • 4 or 5-day demonstrations
  • SIP Certified coach support
  • Strategy exercises, variations, and more!


  • Become a SIP Certified Instructor in less than 6 weeks
  • 40+ videos of instruction
  • Video library of STEAM professionals classroom sessions & Industry Chats
  • Complete the course on your own time & pace.

Through Community On Demand™, Dana has been able to create a pathway to hope for youth that feel they are lost and are looking for a way to get their lives back on track.
John Reed, III
Program Director, Eagles Economic CDC
John occupies much of his time as chief curator and developer of STEM programming in his capacity as Program Director of Summit Educational Services, the education arm of the Eagles Economic Community Development Corp

Let Us Help Develop Your
Leadership Development Plan

Start Your Own 2-4 Year Pilot Program

Our Train-The-Trainer Professional Development Workshops provide step-by-step instructions on how to use our learning tools and materials so you can seamlessly integrate Community On Demand™ into your new or existing curriculum and training programs

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Use our tools to strengthen your local learning ecosystem

Game Set

Use the fun of a card game to inspire learning and calls to action

Online Courses

eLearning courses that provide readiness for college, career, business and community reinvestment

SIP Certification

Gain experiential learning credits for leadership development, critical thinking and problem solving

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