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Agricluture, Food & Natural Resources STEM++ Career Cluster

Provides an understanding of production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing, and development of agricultural commodities and resources including food, fuel, fiber, wood products, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal products/resources.
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About International Village
Campaign Contact:
Jeffrey Newell
FIRST Robotics Coach
Phone & Email: Link

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International Village Service-Learning Project

The service goals for this service-learning project has been converted into internships that will pay students through a sponsored digital badge collection. Students that want to apply for these internships should click their job link or the STEM++ Direct Job Board Listings button below.


Service Goals:

  1. Develop a College Town community map of this location for the Georgia Perimeter College Town Job Link
  2. Coordinate an Investor/Mentor Meetup to present service-learning project to Partners In Education of the Georgia Perimeter College Town. Job Link
  3. Develop four themed pocket gardens (welcome, reading, meditation, STEM cafe’) Job Link
  4. Develop urban farm, fruit orchard, farmer’s market and food distribution program via school-based enterprise Job Link
  5. Develop community garden volunteer and health education program Job Link
  6. Develop or participate in an international cultural & culinary arts program Job Link
  7. Create multi-media content to document and promote the progress, impact and outcomes of this service-learning project. Job Link
STEM++ Direct Job Board

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Junior Southern Barter Club Marketplace
Use your Junior Southern Barter Club Marketplace account to secure resources needed to complete your service-learning projects (cash, barter dollars, digital badge sponsorships, skillcoin rewards, and donated products & services.)

Visit Jr SBC website
Contact us to donate cash, products and/or services to this service-learning project.

Contributions & wishlist donations will be used to sponsor digital badges and build the financial portfolio for this service project. All donations will be listed in the Junior Southern Barter Club Marketplace and in each NSPIE Members’ virtual account.

International Village Wishlist & Sign Up Sheet

Urban Farm
8 Garden Volunteers per month
12 2×4 Pressure Treated Wood (Totem Poles)
1 truckload of compost/growing soil
6 Picnic Tables
10 Varieties of winter crops (leafy greens, root veggies)
Welcome Pocket Garden
4 Volunteers to paint a giant checkers/chess board floor
1 Outdoor storage/seating unit to store games
1 Volunteer Leader for monthly community cleanups
2 cans of black paint
2 cans of white paint
Meditation Pocket Garden
8 Rubber interlocking mats
24 Window stickers
Reading Pocket Garden
1 Outdoor Library book nook
10-15 bags red mulch
Outdoor Classroom & Courtyard
10 colorful tomato cages
4 rolls of landscaping material (organic weeding)
2 electric edgers
1 pressure washer
Garden decor (numbers, letters, animals
Fruit Orchard
10-20 fruit trees (male and female or two (2) of each variety)
5 soaker hoses
Art Murals
Paint Supplies (brushes, pan liners)
International themed flag stencils
Primary colors for concrete painting
Primers for concrete painting
Professional painters (mentors)
No. Student Interns Available: 25

International Village @ DISC

Event Chair: Dana Jewel Harris

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable SpotsItem DetailsItem Qty
2x4 Pressure Treated Wood N/A N/A#1:
Compost/Soil N/A N/A#1:
Picnic Table N/A N/A#1:
Winter Crops N/A N/A#1:
Rubber Interlocking Mats N/A N/A#1:
Window screening stickers N/A N/A#1:
Colorful Tomato Cages N/A N/A#1:
Landscaping Material N/A N/A#1:
Electric Edgers N/A N/A#1:
Extension Chords 100ft N/A N/A#1:
Pressure Washer N/A N/A#1:
Small Tool Shed (games storage) N/A N/A#1:
Large Tool Shed (7x7) N/A N/A#1:
Outdoor Concrete Paint w/Primer (Primary Colors) N/A N/A#1:
Indoor Paint w/Primer (Primary Colors) N/A N/A#1:
Outdoor Library Book Nook N/A N/A#1:
Red Mulch (Large Bags) N/A N/A#1:
Fruit Trees (2 of each variety) N/A N/A#1:

Digital Badge Collection Sponsorships

Students earn digital badges and skillcoin rewards when they complete the tasks, courses and activities affiliated with each service-learning goal listed above. Your donation will sponsor each Learn & Earn skills-development category for this digital badge collection.
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Program Badges encourage students to explore local resources available within their community.

Project Badges encourage students to engage in a NEXT Steps service learning outreach activity

Task Badges require engagement between multiple NEXT Steps Partners In Education.

Skills Badges ensures students gain skills from a STEM++ Career Cluster or in a high-demand pathway.

Leadership Badges are awarded to students that serve as Directors of Junior Executive Management Teams.

NSPIE Badges are awarded to students that secure a badge from each previous digital badge category.
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