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Gain an understanding of engineering and technology and describe the principal fields of engineering specializations (ex. aeronautical, automotive, chemical, civil, industrial, mechanical, computer software, electrical, and biomedical).

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    Service Goal #1

    Investigate careers related to the design, production, analysis, repair, and operation of devices that use electronics to demonstrate application of the engineering design process through hands-on demonstrations, competitions, presentations, and College Town service-learning projects.

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    Service Goal #2

    Use applications of mathematics and science to predict the success of an engineered solution and complete hands-on activities with tools, materials, and processes as they develop functional devices and working prototypes aided by computer simulations

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    Service Goal #3

    Demonstrate the application of mathematical tools, teamwork, and communications skills in solving various design challenges, while maintaining a safe work environment

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    Service Goal #4

    Use market research, cost benefit analysis, and an understanding of the design cycle to create and present design, marketing, and business plans for their solutions.

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    Service Goal #5

    Create a portfolio that demonstrates you employability skills, career opportunities, applied math, working drawings (CAD, etc.) that include sectional, auxiliary, detail and pictorial views, and pattern developments.

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    Service Goal #6

    Evaluate the design solution using conceptual, physical, and mathematical models at various intervals of the design process (optimization and iterations) in order to check for proper design and note areas where improvements are needed.



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In the space below, provide:

  1. Your name, age, grade, and the name of your school or community group
  2. The name of your JEM Team and the role you play on it
  3. The name of your College Town Service-Learning Project and a brief description of the affected area.
  4. A description of your mission (service goal) and how you used the STEM++ skills of this digital badge to achieve it.
  5. Links and/or attachments to documents, videos, photos, audio clips, blog posts, news articles, social media content, etc. that show you implementing action items to complete your mission.