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The Community On Demand Card Game

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Community On Demand is great for building confidence and helping learners define, measure, build and name up to 63 of their high-demand employability skills.


Community On Demand helps visualize the career mapping conversation and guides learners through the process of developing a capabilities-driven career plan.


Community On Demand helps innovators and entrepreneurs quickly assess the current status of their project or business operation (SWOT Analysis) and determine next steps.

All over the country, educators, legislators and law enforcement officers are asking, “What are we to do with marginalized and alienated youth in urban areas?” Community On Demand is the answer!
Chike Akua, Ph.D., Author
“Education for Transformation: The Keys to Releasing the Genius of African American Students” Teacher Transformation Institute

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Dana Jewel Harris

I created The Community On Demand Card Game as an empowering lifelong learning tool to help anyone at any age define their true value and feel good about their contribution to society.

"Do Better. Think BIGGER!"


5 Tips On How To Play & Win
Community On Demand

Today’s Fun, Innovative Solution For Developing
High-Demand Employability Skills
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