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Invest In The Community On Demand Digital Society
Our 2019-2020 Fundraising Goal: $250,000

Your donation helps young innovators and entrepreneurs increase the value of their STEAM skills by paying for the resources they need to develop community-based impact solutions and digitally-driven social enterprises.

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Complete the form below to donate to a specific STEAM education fund.

    • Pop Shop Startup Fund – Helps young innovators and entrepreneurs cover fees associated with launching their startup ventures.
    • Partners In Education Membership Fund – Provides scholarships to cover membership costs for those who wish to join the Partners In Education Membership Program.
    • Earn & Learn STEAM Education Fund – ¬†Provides scholarships for students that wish to participate in NEXT Steps online courses, workshops and training classes.
    • NEXT Steps Operations Fund – Helps cover administrative costs to sustain our STEAM education programs and the Community On Demand digital economy.
    • Digital Badge Collection Funds – Sponsors digital badges from the Program, Project, Task, Skills, Leadership and custom Partners In Education (NSPIE) digital badge collections.
    • Legacy Fund – Provides business support services grants to members of our Partners In Education membership network.
    • Impact Project Fund – Helps students secure materials, supplies, professional services and other items needed to complete their service-learning projects..
    • Community On Demand Marketing Cooperative Fund – Helps cover costs to market and distribute digital media content created by our Partners In Education.

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