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About Us

The Community On Demand™ Digital Media Network is our media distribution company and serves as the central operation for our global marketing, sales, distribution and communication channel called JEM-TV News. 

It is responsible for creating career opportunities designed to promote the digital content, products, services, innovative ideas, impact solutions and events that are created through the Community On Demand™ Learning Management System.

The Community On Demand™ Digital Media Network integrates all of the components of the Community On Demand™ LMS and LRNG Logic Model into an exciting career-building platform.  Furthermore, its operation provides enhanced work-based learning experiences in emerging digital media, entertainment, broadcast technologies and other STEAM Career Clusters.

Key Activities

Promotions & Campaigns
CoD Production Studios
Geocaching Scavenger Hunts & Boardgames
Skill Cards & eGift Cards
CRM & LMS Systems
JEM-TV News Network
Social Media Platforms (FB/Tw/Pin/LIn/Insta)
Digital Badge & Skillcoins Rewards
Mapping Mobile Application (Open Sourced)
The CoD Digital Magazine
Upwards Spiraling Blog & Podcast

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Community On Demand™ Digital Media Network

Join the students, mentors, educators, nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and local businesses that are working together to build purpose-built communities

Do Better. Think BIGGER!

Knowledge Is Power

Those who know how, will always have a job.

Those who know why, will always be their boss.

Those who know what to do, determine the outcome.

JEM-TV News Channel

For Youth, By Youth

JEM-TV News Teams will create shows, segments and other digital media content in order to provide updated reports on trends and student achievement happening throughout the Community On Demand Creative Economy.  This content will be available as an on-demand and live-stream service and will cover topics that are relevant to the Community On Demand Learning Management System (i.e. STEAM education, virtual currencies, cooperative marketing, e-commerce and flexible, blended-learning employment solutions).

News Programs & Story Projects

Gamers & Mixers Competition League & Career Fairs

Competition activities and results through all four levels of game play such as highest earners of digital currencies, cash and prize winners, business pitches, etc.

Community Connections Volunteer Program

Applications of leadership, team-building and problem solving skills by members of the Community On Demand meetup group

Investor/Mentor Meetups

Pairing stories of JEM Teams with local STEAM professionals, philanthropists and educators and how they work together to convert impact solutions into sustainable fundraisers and social ventures.

macbook pro on brown wooden table

Marketing & Advertising

We celebrate achievement by giving our sponsors, investors, donors and local businesses marketing and advertising opportunities to show their support for STEAM Education


Spotlight how donors have fun with their philanthropy when they provide financial and resource support to the Community On Demand Creative Economy

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Career Portal

Reports on the latest jobs and enhanced work-based learning opportunities posted by members of The STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce

Junior Drone Discovery Initiative

Digital media competition for drone pilots, photographers, videographers and film crews that report what’s happening in their community for JEM-TV News

Re-Birth of The Community Culture Documentary Series

Documentary series that shows how small and family-owned land owners create inter-generational wealth through revenue-generating community involvement growth strategies and new master use plans for their farms and properties.

Fan Art Series:
The Oracle Prophet & The 17 Realms

Join the fantasy world whose stories follow the journey of young warrior skillsmen from The 17 Realms of S.T.E.A.M. and the prophet that holds the keys to their knowledge.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Career Awareness & Explration Egift Cards

Sponsor $10.00 egift cards to help fund projects that provide learners with opportunities to assess and strengthen their readiness for college and career

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Egift Cards

Sponsor $20.00 egift cards to help fund projects that provide learners with opportunities to create impact solutions and social ventures

Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding Egift Cards

Sponsor $30.00 egift cards to help fund projects that provide learners with opportunities to develop their high-demand employability skills

STEAM Career Clusters
Egift Cards

Sponsor $40.00 egift cards to help fund projects that provide learners with opportunities to participate in  enhanced work-based learning experiences

Leadership, Teamwork & Problem-Solving Egift Cards

Sponsor $50.00 egift cards to help fund projects that provide learners with opportunities to develop 11 leadership and decision-making skills

Have Fun With Your Philanthropy

Invest your time, talents and resources in the development of today's young innovators.

Impact Solutions & Key Impact Areas

Socio-Economic Factors That Drive The News

Oxford Languages on Google defines an economy as “the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production, consumption and management of goods and services.”  According to the article titled “Socioeconomic Indicators That Matter for Population Health“, the socioeconomic composition of a community is a crucial aspect of how context can shape individual health behaviors, exposures, and outcomes. Levels of education, employment, income, and income security in a community create and shape risks and benefits for health, many of which accumulate over the life course. 

Characteristics of a socioeconomic environment can be measured subjectively via individual self-reports, or objectively via direct observation or secondary data sources such as the census, administrative databases (eg, for crime, housing, education), or population-based surveys (2). Many of the indicators that researchers have considered in studies of socioeconomic environment and health have been included in individual community projects that attempt to define quality of life or community well-being in a particular area (2,15). In addition, many cities produce report cards or other documents that present metrics regarding the quality of life.

We applied this same logic while designing Community On Demand™ and the JEM-TV News Channel. The  Community On Demand™ card deck includes six (6) socio-economic condition cards that represent the impact areas learners can assess during the five phases of The STEAM Investigative Process.  We wanted Community On Demand™ to help learners see the big picture of their role in their communities by correlating the economic connections of the game with real-life.  

The basic tenets of the Community On Demand™ card game rests on the fact that whenever a learner uses a skill to create an impact solution or address, reduce and/or eliminate the cause of a negative impact, the contribution value of the skills they used adds value to society at large.  This, in turn, increases the wealth of their communities as well as their knowledge, capabilities, interests and efforts to control the impact of the socio-economic conditions surrounding them.

Learners are encouraged to use digital media technologies to capture how they are using their high-demand STEAM Skills to complete each phase.  This content can be submitted to JEM-TV News for distribution and as proof of work.


The Socio-Economics Condition Cards of Community On Demand™

abandoned building

Aging Infrastructure

To determine if your community’s land use planning process no longer supports the buildings and spaces that provide services, activities and opportunities for growth

lightning at night

Changing Climate

To determine if community members are noticing and feeling the impact from the gradual changes occurring in your community’s usual weather patterns

Depressed Economy

To determine if your community’s economy has slowed down and if there is widespread unemployment, lack of investments and scarce demand for consumer goods

photo of coconut tree near seashore

Environmental Stresses

To determine if your community’s ecosystem is experiencing pressures on its environment caused by an increase in human activities (i.e. pollution) or by a natural phenomena (i.e. drought, pandemic, fire, flood, etc.)

woman reading book

Shifting Demographics

To determine if your community is experiencing trends from political and economic decisions that have shifted family expenses, wages, social activities, the population’s overall makeup and the availability of resources

satellite view of earth's surface

Uncertain Energy Prices

To determine if your community needs to raise living standards, provide access to modern energy services, use energy more efficiently, protect the global environment and ensure reliable energy supplies

Key Focus Areas for Social Impact

Civic Leadership

Expands opportunities for application of high-demand employability skills within their local economies

Health & Wellness

Improves physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health of students and families by increasing awareness and utilization of the benefits offered by the health and wellness service providers within their communities

Agricultural Sciences & Urban Design

Identifies, assesses and converts underutilized areas into multi-use green spaces for community enjoyment and preservation

Introduction to STEAM Career Clusters

Creates youth-based employment opportunities within their local economies

Social Entrepreneurship

Provides financial literacy programming and fundraising opportunities through job shadowing, mentorship, school-based enterprises, service-learning projects and social enterprises that address socio-economic issues

Environmental Engineering, Exploration & Stewardship

Helps students understand their role in sustaining their natural and built environment by using digital media technologies to capture, value, present and celebrate the availability and effective use of resources within their community’s ecosystem.

Build Your Skills.
Build Your Team.
Build Your Career.
Build Your Community.

An Entrepreneurship Sports (Esports) League

NSYEP is a Registered Member of the

Game Levels

Level 1

Skills Self-Assessments
Conduct pre- and post self-assessments to track and measure skill growth from the time you start game play until you complete it.

Level 2

Use your leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills to create community involvement growth strategies and impact solutions.

Level 3

Use our in-game currencies to convert your impact solutions into marketing and fundraising strategies.

Level 4

Social Ventures
Use our in-game currencies to convert your impact solutions into a social venture and career-building opportunity

Career Opportunities

black chess piece on chess board


The Fab Lab Research Development Center
Compiles data from JEM Teams and all four levels of game play to improve in-game performance

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Money Guide Brand Ambassadors
Ensures all programs are consistent with the teachings of The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

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Content Creators

JEM-TV News Teams
JEM Team members that create and submit content to help tell the story of their team and the Local Contributor Networks they represent.

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Pop Shop Studios
Ensures all programs are consistent with the teachings of The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

Investment & Sponsorship Opportunities

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Request A Partnership Plan

FREE Consultation to map out your Community On Demand™ integration strategy

Post A Job

Create skill-building opportunities that utilize our Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System

Form/Join A JEM Team

Support a group that wants to create and submit content and report the stories of the Local Contributor Network(s) they represent.

Sponsor Game Sets

Gift Community On Demand™ game sets to individuals, teachers, classrooms, school districts, executives, hiring managers and community leaders

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Host/Attend A Workshop

Sponsor or participate in our Train-The-Trainer and JEM Team Leadership virtual and in-person career fairs, Investor/Mentor Meetups and workshops

Host An Industry Chat Series

Sponsor an industry chat series that connects the skills your company needs with classrooms all around the world.

Do Better. Think BIGGER!

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