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Membership of a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team required

FOCUS Institute of Technology
Drone Aeronautics Company & Training Center
• Remote Pilot FAA Certification
• FAA Pilots License
• FAA Small UAS Certificate
• Arduino, iOS, Android, Thermal Imaging and 3D Modeling
• Introduction to NCCER Certification Program

Gerald F. Poe Jr.
FAA sUAS Certified and Insured Pilot

Dr. Gerald F. Poe Sr.
Flight Ground School Advisor
United States Air Force B-52 Pilot

Mayhew Cuthbertson
Technical Digital Course Developer,
Instructor & Pilot

MISSION#: O*NET 27-4011.00

Complete an Audio/Visual Technology & Film service-learning project that manufacture, sell, rent, design, install, integrate, operate, and repair the equipment of audio-visual communications (i.e., editing and filming video) and/or includes the presentation of sound, video and data in such venues as offices, convention centers, classrooms, theme parks and stadiums. Demonstrate application of the STEM++ skills listed below.

The following competencies can be used on your STEM++ resume and financial portfolio to describe the STEM++ skills you applied to complete your service goals for this Operation Restoration service-learning project.

    1. Install, adjust, and operate electronic equipment to record, edit, and transmit radio and television programs, motion pictures, video conferencing, or multimedia presentations.
    2. Diagnose and resolve media system problems.
    3. Switch sources of video input from one camera or studio to another, from film to live programming, or from network to local programming.
    4. Mix and regulate sound inputs and feeds or coordinate audio feeds with television pictures.
    5. Compress, digitize, duplicate, and store audio and video data.
    6. Perform minor repairs and routine cleaning of audio and video equipment.
    7. Notify supervisors when major equipment repairs are needed.
    8. Design layouts of audio and video equipment and perform upgrades and maintenance.
    9. Conduct training sessions on selection, use, and design of audio-visual materials and on operation of presentation equipment.
    10. Monitor incoming and outgoing pictures and sound feeds to ensure quality and notify directors of any possible problems.
    11. Determine formats, approaches, content, levels, and mediums to effectively meet objectives within budgetary constraints, using research, knowledge, and training.
    12. Obtain, set up, and load videotapes for scheduled productions or broadcasts.
    13. Meet with directors and senior members of camera crews to discuss assignments and determine filming sequences, camera movements, and picture composition.
    14. Reserve audio-visual equipment and facilities, such as meeting rooms.
    15. Record and edit audio material, such as movie soundtracks, using audio recording and editing equipment.
    16. Direct and coordinate activities of assistants and other personnel during production.
    17. Control the lights and sound of events, such as live concerts, before and after performances, and during intermissions.
    18. Analyze and maintain data logs for audio-visual activities.
    19. Maintain inventories of audio and videotapes and related supplies.
    20. Inform users of audio and videotaping service policies and procedures.
    21. Organize and maintain compliance, license, and warranty information related to audio and video facilities.
    22. Construct and position properties, sets, lighting equipment, and other equipment.
    23. Perform narration of productions or present announcements.
    24. Edit videotapes by erasing and removing portions of programs and adding video or sound as required.
    25. Locate and secure settings, properties, effects, and other production necessities.
    26. Produce rough and finished graphics and graphic designs.
Upload your CV/resume or any other relevant file. Max. file size: 128 MB.

Upload your CV/resume or any other relevant file. Max. file size: 128 MB.

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