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Infusion Blends Artisan Butters
Ms. Deborah Clemons
Founder & CEO
Infusion Blends
STEM++ Career Pathways:

  • Food Products & Processing Systems
  • Operations Management
  • Regulation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistics & Inventory Control
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Assurance
  • Professional Sales
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing Communications
  • Logistics Planning & Management Services

MISSION#: O*NET 13-1022.00

Complete a Merchandising service-learning project related to getting products into the hands of customers, including forecasting, planning, buying, displaying, selling and providing customer service. Demonstrate application of the STEM++ skills listed below.

The following competencies can be used on your STEM++ resume and financial portfolio to describe the STEM++ skills you applied to complete your service goals for this Operation Restoration service-learning project.

    1. Buy merchandise or commodities for resale to wholesale or retail consumers.
    2. Negotiate prices, discount terms, or transportation arrangements with suppliers.
    3. Examine, select, order, or purchase merchandise consistent with quality, quantity, specification requirements, or other factors, such as environmental soundness.
    4. Recommend mark-up rates, markdown rates, or merchandise selling prices.
    5. Obtain information about customer needs or preferences by conferring with sales or purchasing personnel.
    6. Authorize payment of invoices or return of merchandise.
    7. Monitor and analyze sales records, trends, or economic conditions to anticipate consumer buying patterns and determine what the company will sell and how much inventory is needed.
    8. Collaborate with vendors to obtain or develop desired products.
    9. Inspect merchandise or products to determine quality, value, or yield.
    10. Conduct sales meetings to introduce new merchandise.
    11. Consult with store or merchandise managers about budgets or goods to be purchased.
    12. Provide clerks with information to print on price tags, such as price, mark-ups or mark-downs, manufacturer number, season code, or style number.
    13. Train or supervise sales or clerical staff.
    14. Determine which products should be featured in advertising, the advertising medium to be used, or when the ads should be run.
    15. Monitor competitors’ sales activities by following their advertisements in newspapers or other media.
    16. Analyze environmental aspects of competing merchandise when making buying decisions.
    17. Compare transportation options to determine the most energy efficient options.

To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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Infusion Blends Artisan Butters

Infusion Blends Youth Culinary Program

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