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Membership Overview

We offer youth and young adults (ages 11-24) leadership, skills development and training experiences to ensure they have the readiness tools they need to succeed in life, college, career, business and community reinvestment.

Completing this leadership pathway will help you:

  • Secure benefits as a registered member of the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce
  • Provide you with a systematic way to track, measure and verify your skill growth and capabilities
  • Strengthen your skills in leadership, team-building and problem-solving
  • Certify your ability to utilize The STEAM Investigative Process and strategist mindset to create career-building opportunities, develop meaningful impact solutions, and implement sustainable strategies that solve real-world challenges.
  • Create documents, deliverables and real world experiences that verify your capabilities and prove the value of your contributions to society

Who is this leadership pathway for?

Youth (6th-12th grades) and young adults (ages 16-24) that wish to enter the workforce, apply for college, join the military, launch a social venture and/or become an entrepreneur.

Leadership Path

Becoming a Student Member of the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce means joining a network of mission-driven individuals focused on using their time, skills and resources to create impact solutions that address, reduce and/or eliminate the negative impact of socio-economic conditions affecting their communities.

Membership includes a 1-Year subscription with the Community On Demand™  Virtual Connections Mentoring & Career Development Platform (powered by Pathful Connect).  Student members are also awarded an in-game currency of $2,070  Potential Value and is eligible to receive scholarships, donations and funding from the Community On Demand™ Student Stipend and Impact Project Funds 

Introduces the functionality of each of the components that make up the Community On Demand™ game set and explains how the use of your skillset fuels our creative economy.

It also gives detailed instructions on how to conduct a skills self-assessment, calculate the value of a participant’s contributions to society, and complete the four levels of game play.

Includes Student Membership

Participants are taught how to use the  Community On Demand™ game set with The Strategist Mindset and Critical Thinking Approaches worksheets to “visualize” their career-mapping conversation. 

Participants also learn how to use the Skills Self-Assessment Worksheet to track, measure and monitor their growth and create achievement statements for their resumes, STEAM Capability Reports, job applications, business strategies, pitch presentations, mission statements and other useful documentation.

Includes 90-Minute Boot Camp

Introduces The Stakeholder’s Dilemma — an exercise where participants must take into account the concerns of each key community stakeholder before they create an impact solution that addresses the problem at hand.  

Participants will also learn how to form a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team and complete the first three lessons of The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs.

Includes The VIP Discovery Workshop

We use The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook, Toolkit & Online Courses to help leaners assess their skillset, build a Junior Executive Management (JEM) team, increase their financial literacy skills, and ultimately launch a service-learning project and/or social venture.

Completion of this course awards certification as a STEAM Investigative Process Scholar

Includes JEM Team Leadership 101 Workshop

leadership pathway PRICING CHART

Youth & Young Adult
Membership & Training Packages

Student Membership

Youth (ages 11-24)
$ 10 Per Year
  • Member discounts
  • Eligible to receive Student Stipends and Impact Funds
  • 1-Year Subsciption Virtual Connections Mentoring Platform
  • Potential Value of $2,070 to start in-game currency account

90 Minute Boot Camp

Self-Paced Course
$ 25 Per Person
  • Student Membership
  • Intro To Community On Demand™ Digital Media Network
  • How To Play & Win The Game
  • Intro To The STEAM Investigative Process + Activity Worksheets​

VIP Discovery Workshop

3-4 Hours
$ 55 Per Person
  • 90 Minute Boot Camp
  • Community On Demand Skills Self-Assessment & STEAM Capability Report​​
  • The Strategist Mindset + Activity Worksheets
  • Critical Thinking Approaches + Activity Worksheets

JEM Team Leadership 101

8-10 Weeks
$ 99 Per Person
  • VIP Discovery Workshop
  • The Stakeholder's Dilemma + Activity Worksheets​
  • JEM Team Leadership Course
  • Bonus STEAM Investigtive Process Course
  • JEM Team Registration Fee

SIP Scholars Certification

14-16 Weeks
$ 199 Per Person
  • JEM Team Leadership 101
  • Seven (7) Money Guide Online Courses + Activity Worksheets
  • Community On Demand Project-based Learning Experience + Event
  • Gamers & Mixers Esports Competition League
activity worksheets

Lessons & Activities In Critical Thinking
For Learners At Any Age

Skills Self-Assessments

Mapping grids that teach learners how to define, measure, build and name up to 63 of their high-demand employability skills

The Strategist Mindset

Helps learners understand the type of approach they take towards identifying opportunities and solving problems

Critical Thinking Approaches

Helps learners acknowledge various mindsets, leverage existing local resources, and produce high quality, effective and optimized outputs

The STEAM Investigative Process

Our signature interconnected “problem-solving” system that strengthens critical thinking, critical reasoning and life skills development

The Stakeholder's Dilemma

A team building activity that tasks participants to create impact solutions that considers and meet the needs of all stakeholders affected by mutual problem

Community On Demand™ LEAN Canvas Model

We teach learners how to use Community On Demand™ skill cards to populate the sections of their LEAN Canvas Model

Our Programs:

Additional Fees May Be Required
Through Community On Demand™, Dana has been able to create a pathway to hope for youth that feel they are lost and are looking for a way to get their lives back on track.
John Reed, III
Program Director, Eagles Economic CDC
John occupies much of his time as chief curator and developer of STEM programming in his capacity as Program Director of Summit Educational Services, the education arm of the Eagles Economic Community Development Corp

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