NSPIE Digital Membership Card

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Community On Demand
Digital Membership Card

Society members of the Community On Demand digital media network can access a digital, printable version of their membership card.  It will let members pay for goods, event tickets, and Skill Bills with their phones including all of the products and services of other member within the network. Members can also renew their membership and view their reward balances.

How to use your digital membership card:

  1. Sign in at nextstepsyep.org/login/
  2. Tap the new Membership tab then select Digital Membership Card
  3. Display, download or print your membership card
  4. When you’re ready for a purchase, present your membership card to the cashier so they can scan your QR code.
  5. Use your rewards balance to pay for purchases (if allowed)
  6. Renew your membership if expired to enjoy instant benefits. 

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