The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

Knowledge to make big things happen anywhere

Eight highly interactive lessons that help you convert your innovative ideas into new products, services, content and impact solutions

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The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs is a course and community platform made for


Who should use this guide?

The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs is packed with everything you need to create and innovate.

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Youth & Young Adults

Colorful artwork and images makes learning very complex ideas simple and easy to understand.

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Professionals & Existing Business Owners​

Gives a new and innovative perspective how 21st century learners receive information and makes re-learning boring topics more exciting

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Community Leaders

Allows all voices to be heard while demonstrating how to leverage each stakeholder's contribution to the overall mission of building purpose-built communities.

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Start-Ups, Innovators, Creators & Entrepreneurs

Provides a fun and exciting and much more meaningful way to go through the new business development process

Through a partnership with The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program and the knowledge we gained from The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook, Veterans Molding Minds is able to offer positive reciprocal relationships while positively impacting our community.
Corey Thomas, Retired U.S. Army Veteran
CEO, Stratiplan
Executive Director, Veterans Molding Minds (nonprofit)


Growth Without Limits

Increase your knowledge, skills and capabilities

Research & Development​

The Money Guide teaches you how to design an impact solution by researching a topic, developing, planning and coordinating a project plan, then drawing conclusions from your results​.

Market Analysis

Each lesson helps you explore and identify the socio-economic indicators that define the health of your community's ecosystem.

Mission Statement

Become a master at developing plans for your technical or vocational career, post-secondary education, and/or entrepreneurial ventures.


Leadership activities help you practice and demonstrate how your decisions help create and implement impact solutions for you team and community.

Budgets & Finance

Learn how to develop and use budgets and cash allocation charts to manage and value resources

Project Management

Demonstrate effective use of calendars and planning tools to manage scheduled activities


Participate in community-based projects, competitions and service-learning initiatives that encourage you to develop and sell real products and services through advertising, promotions, marketing, sales, marketing research, merchandising, and public relations

Competitive Advantage

Learn how to identify the primary factors that will lead to the success of your impact solution

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Dana Jewel Harris

U.S. Army Veteran, Inventor, Innovator, Game Developer, Strategic Planner, Urban Farmer, Budding Cos-Player

Dana brings over 30+ years of experience in executive leadership, business plan development and innovative youth programming.



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