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Must Students Wait Until Middle And High School To Explore Career Interests?

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Must Students Wait Until Middle And High School To Explore Career Interests?


man with backpack beside a booksMany students don’t start looking into careers until the last two years of high school.

Starting search then does not allow enough time, reflection and self-discovery to make the best choice students who focus on career early are more likely to be motivated to focus on their personal brand Students can gain work experience in their career earlier.

The earlier the student gets to explore career interests gives students greater opportunities to develop necessary skills. Exploring career interests gives students a sense of purpose and focus. This is why here at Community on Demand we encourage all students of all to take advantage of our board game learning benefits we offer. The game has been proven to be effective at teaching young children social and emotional learning skills. Community on demand is a fun game curriculum for employability skills development great for learners of all ages we promote college and career readiness from K through 12.

Jobs in additional age in the skills and capabilities required to do them or transforming at a unprecedented rate.

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