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“50 Big Ideas”
The Georgia Tech Serve-Learn-Sustain Model

Where science and technology strengthen communities’ capacities to flourish

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The CIGS Model Framework for Building Sustainable Communities

​NEXT Steps was introduced to Georgia Tech University’s Serve-Learn-Sustain 50+ “Big Ideas” initiative in 2016. It provided us with a well-respected university-level research partner, college interns, management tools, and a “communities of practice” framework for our CIGS Model and Community On Demand Card Game Curriculum.


We aligned the deliverables of our CIGS Model with The 50 Big Ideas framework to illustrate how Community On Demand converts work-based learning experiences into real-world solutions and outcomes. As a result, learners are able to use Community On Demand to transform their knowledge, capabilities, interests, STEAM skills and achievements into digital credentials, career-building opportunities and community-driven social ventures.

Defining NEXT Steps’ Strategic Partnership with Georgia Tech University

Georgia Tech uses 50+ “Big Ideas” to collaborate and “create sustainable communities” in which science and technology strengthens a community’s capacity to flourish. NEXT Steps’ Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) serves as a bridge — an organizational infrastructure — that uses service-learning projects to create “communities of practice” so our Partners In Education can demonstrate how they apply their collaborative STEM++ skills to achieve their Big Ideas.


Therefore, our CIGS Model:

  • Creates fun, connected-learning environments that maximize engagement between all community stakeholders
  • Creates service-learning projects that allows multiple SLS “Big Ideas” to be implemented simultaneously
  • Helps all community stakeholders understand where they fit within their community’s big picture and
  • Ties each community stakeholder’s mission to teaching, researching, or practicing the employability skills they want students to learn and apply.

What Makes A Great Mentor?

Your ability to help disenfranchised individuals develop their life and high-demand STEAM skills

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