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The Esports (Employability Sports) Card Game
For Career & Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum



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Fun, Game-Based Learning Tools That Stimulate Creative Thinking and Prepare Youth/Young Adults for College & Career Readiness

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STEAM Skills Self-Assessments

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Team Play

Leadership, Teambuilding & Problem-Solving

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Financial Literacy, Resource & Time Management

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Entrepreneurship, Career Fairs & Social Venture Launches

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The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program

An award-winning workforce intermediary that uses the Community On Demand card game curriculum to successfully bridge the communications gap between the education and business communities.


Measures Growth & Development  

Easily Incorporate Our Self-Paced & Guided Learning Tools Into Any CTE/STEAM Curriculum . . . Guaranteed Results In 30 Minutes or Less!
See NEW! Workforce Ready Pathway Curriculum & CTE Standards

Key Benefits:

Financial Literacy.  Learners earn micro-credentials and are taught how to create digital portfolios, financial portfolios, business plans and pitch decks.

Social Value.  Learners are able to demonstrate their ability to promote, brand and monetize their knowledge, special abilities, interests, STEAM skills and achievements.

Real-World Impact.  Learners gain real workforce experiences in the arts, communications, film, television, retail, ecommerce, marketing and business career pathways.

Cultural Value.  Learners are able to create sustainable impact solutions that benefit their communities and possibly convert them into career-building opportunities and social enterprises.


NEXT Steps
FY2021-2023 Organizational Goals

& Strategic Plan

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Soft Skills Developer of STEAM Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Competing Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams 

Active Student Members in the CoD Esports Ecosystem

Participating school districts and their communities


Four Easy Steps!

Great for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training and Can Be Played By Learners of All Ages

join our community.

Become A Contributing Member of our Digital Society

Join the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce to gain access to resources that will help you play and win The Community On Demand card game. 

form your strategy.

Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams
Strengthen your leadership, team-building and problem solving skills by joining the Community On Demand Digital Media Network.

earn & learn.

A Game-Based, Customizable Curriculum
Earn digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards through service-learning projects that demonstrate how you make decisions, work with others, and solve real-world problems.

sustain your successes.

Beyond The Game

Strengthen your financial literacy by learning how the contributions and achievements you make help sustain the Community On Demand digital economy.


Community, Science & Innovation
Do Better. Think BIGGER!

FLASH BACK | Entrepreneurship Month On Nepris (Nov 2019)

On November 9, 2019, I hosted an Industry Chat on Entrepreneurship. I believe this was the first online presentation I did introducing The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook.

Trends & Challenges Within Tech’s Digital Divide

Students will gain an understanding of how to close the Digital Divide between marginalized voices and people through our work and technology. Students will also learn how to prepare themselves for success in this ever-changing gaming industry.

What are High-Demand Employability Skills?

By conducting their own skills self-assessment and asking questions about it, students will get a sense of what skills they need to gain or strengthen and make connections between what they’re studying and a future career option! Students will also understand why they need to pay attention to CTE courses.

How to Transition from Social Media to Offline Communication

Students will understand the distinct difference between communicating online (social media and offline i.e. workplace environments) and will learn the significance of setting up boundaries when communicating online and/or offline. They will also be able to establish more structured communication in both online and off line.

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“The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs is a resource guide that stimulates STEAM concepts, community transformation, leadership and entrepreneurship. It is timely, creative and innovative!”

Chike Akua, Ph.D., Author
Education for Transformation:
The Keys to Releasing the Genius of African American Students

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