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  • Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Interactive Activity Workbook

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    The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

    An interactive activity guide to help young innovators
    build career opportunities & business ventures
    Unlocks 7 secrets to writing winning business plans in 8-16 weeks!


    The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs is a self-paced 21st Century STEAM education curriculum that uses financial literacy, blockchain technology, entertainment and entrepreneurship to strengthen the STEAM skills of STEAM educators, lifelong learners, young innovators and entrepreneurs.

    The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs provides eight lessons and fun activity worksheets to teach learners of all ages how to:

      • • Create and implement an impact solution
      • • Demonstrate the value of their STEAM skills
      • • Build a team
      • • Raise funds to support their projects or ventures (sponsorships, crowdfunding, product purchases, donations)
      • • Promote and brand their achievements AND
      • • Develop a business or career-building opportunity that benefits themselves, their families, their team and their community


    By completing The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs, learners will be able to:

      • • Create a digital portfolio, financial portfolio and business plan
      • • Demonstrate their ability to promote, brand and monetize their knowledge, special capabilities, interests, STEAM skills and achievements
      • • Create sustainable impact solutions for their communities and convert them into career-building opportunities and social enterprises.