Local Business Membership


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Local Business Memberships

NEXT Steps Partners In Education (NSPIE) Network
Leadership Training for Tomorrow’s Business Leaders


Gain access to our brand of edtech tools, resources and business support services to strengthen your STEAM education and workforce development programs:

    • • Group licenses for online courses, workshops and professional development training
    • • Workshops to create work-based learning experiences and play dates for learners of all ages
    • • Develop and sell products & services through major e-commerce platforms
    • • Discounts on early releases and tickets
    • • Internships and employment opportunities secured through our Partners In Education Network
    • • Mentorship of a Junior Executive Management Team for our leadership training program
    • • Includes all benefits from Student Membership package




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STEAM Chamber Membership Programs

Join one of our membership programs to strengthen your STEAM skills and increase your career-building opportunities!

Community Connections
Volunteer Program

Join the Community On Demand meetup group and participate in our monthly Investor/Mentor meetups and work-based learning experiences.

Gamers & Mixers
Esports League

Participate as a single player, team player, fundraiser or new business venture in our fun, play date esports competitions for the Community On Demand card game.

Legacies & Millennials
Mentoring Program

Increase your financial literacy by learning how to prepare business pitches and investment portfolios for products, services and content created for the Community On Demand Digital Media Network

The ATWOOD Co-Operative

Let us help you create a master plan that will convert your farmily-owned farmland or property into a STEAM-driven revenue generator for agri-tourism, agri-tech and agri-business.

Junior Executive
Management Teams

Strengthen your leadership skills by creating a project management team, coordinating a special event and learning how to write a business plan in just 8 easy steps.

Junior Drone
Discovery Initiative

Join the JEM-TV News Team to create content for the Community On Demand digital media network and earn the 300 hours needed to secure your FAA pilot’s license.