Appearance Task Digital Badge

Appearance Task Digital Badge

0 Appearance Task Digital Badge
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Appearance Task Badge

Proof of Work Online Submission Form 

Use the form below to submit proof of the following activities completed for your Operation Restoration service-learning project.  Approval of your submission will allow you to collect digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards™ (if available).

— “The 17” Legacy Council

Tasks Digital Badge Collection:

  • Advancement
  • Appearance
  • Budget
  • Contributions
  • Effective Communications
  • Feedback
  • Help
  • Job Market
  • Job Search
  • Mock Interview
  • Negotiations
  • Resume & Cover Letter
  • Takes Initiative
  • Thank You
  • Time Management
  • Transition
  • Workplace


All digital badge sponsorships allocate the following in Skillcoin Rewards™:
30% – Student Stipends
40% – Project Fund
30% – NEXT Steps HQs
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The Appearance Task Digital Badge helps students learn the importance of personal hygiene and appearance required by their employer, mentor and Junior Executive Management Team.

    1. Describe proper workplace attire and where to acquire it.
    2. Describe elements of personal appearance that could impact employment such as body piercings and tattoos.
    3. Be well groomed and appropriately dressed on a daily basis.
    4. Identify appropriate clothes for various events.


    To earn your digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards™, use this submission form to provide the following information:
    1. Your first, middle initial, last name and age.
    2. The name of your school, community group, grade, course and instructor, group leader, mentor and/or sponsor.
    3. The name of your JEM Team and the role you play on it (if applicable).
    4. The name of your Operation Restoration service-learning project and a brief description of how your service goal(s) will positively impact your College Town project site.
    5. The name and address of your Operation Restoration service-learning project site.
    6. The service goal your service-learning project fulfilled (see service goal list above).
    7. A detailed description of how you used your STEM++ skills to achieve your service goal(s).

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