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Our Value-Added Skills Self-Assessments

Our Value-Added Skills Self-Assessments

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Performance Measures for Personal & Professional Growth​

Skidmore College states that value-added assessments attempt to measure student growth over time — from the time that a student enters a program until the student graduates.  The most common method is pre- and post-testing.

Community On Demand™ uses its card game,  skills self-assessment worksheet and game board along with the Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs courses and activity toolkits to help learners establish a firm benchmark on how to measure their personal and professional growth.  Our game-based learning tools are especially helpful for measuring a learner’s knowledge and skillset and provides an easy way to score and statistically analyze the results.

Five Achievement Domains

Success within Community On Demand™ is measured through values assigned to each skill within five achievement domains. Our achievement domains represent the 63 high-demand employability skills and 6 socio-economic conditions that fuel the digital learning ecosystem of the Community On Demand™ Creative Economy. The five color-coded achievement domains help learners quickly  determine their readiness for college and career by a visual mapping process that defines, measures, builds and names their high-demand employability skills.

$10.00 CV

Career Awareness & Exploration
(5 Skills)
Helps learners identify their current level of preparedness for college and career

$20.00 CV

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
(12 Skills)
Teaches economic & business development skills

$30.00 CV

Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding
(17 Skills)
Teaches project management and job readiness skills

$40.00 CV

Career Awareness & Exploration
(18 Skills)
Introduces STEAM career clusters, pathways and career-building opportunities

$50.00 CV

Leadership, Teamwork & Problem-Solving
(11 Skills)
Rewards development and implementation of creative solutions and effective leadership

Skills Self-Assessment Tools

Success within Community On Demand™ is also measured through values assigned to each skill within five achievement domains. Each skill carries a potential value (PV) based on the achievement domain it belongs to.  Once used, the potential value is converted into a contribution value (CV) and is attributed to the wealth of the Community On Demand™ Creative Economy.

The Power of
Community On Demand™

Our learning tools create enhanced work-based learning experiences for our partners in education through job shadowing, mentorship, service-learning, school-based enterprises and entrepreneurship.

Do Better. Think BIGGER!

Knowledge Is Power

Those who know how, will always have a job.

Those who know why, will always be their boss.

Those who know what to do, determine the outcome.

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