Contribution Values Scorecard

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Contribution Values Scorecard


Identify the skills you used during your STEAM Investigative Process™ 

Career Awareness & Exploration
$10 CVPs

The Career Awareness and Exploration achievement domain helps learners visualize the career mapping conversation and explore local resources.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
$20 CVPs

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship achievement domain helps learners strengthen their skills in economics & business development.

Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding
$30 CVPs

The Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding achievement domain helps learners identify their level of readiness for life, business, college, career and community reinvestment.

STEAM Career Clusters
$40 CVPs

The STEAM Career Clusters achievement domain ensures STEAM career pathways are introduced through project-based learning

Leadership, Teamwork & Problem-Solving
$50 CVPs

The Leadership, Teamwork & Problem-Solving achievement domain helps learners recognize key leadership roles they serve in and the things that influence how they make decisions.

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