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Youth Volunteer Waiver - NEXT Steps YEP

Youth Volunteer Waiver

Do Better • Think Bigger • Share

The Revolution of STEAM Education

Through Financial Literacy ▪ Blockchain Technology ▪ Entertainment ▪ Entrepreneurship

Contributions Workforce Readiness Digital Badge Collection
Add resources that support your team's efforts to execute an impact solution.
Join or form a Junior Executive Management Team
Participate by sharing ideas to reach consensus among your team
Accept and provide constructive criticism and feedback
Become sought out by your peers and members of your network as a resource for guidance and assistance
Often go above and beyond to complete your share of the work when it's appropriate and acceptable to your peers and team

NOTE: Skillcoin Rewards™ can only be distributed to your fund accounts if STEAM Education eGift Cards have been purchased for this digital badge.

Youth Waiver & Consent Form
For All NEXT Steps YEP Volunteer Opportunities

Workforce Readiness Digital Badge Collection

All volunteers under the age of 18 must submit a signed Youth Volunteer Waiver before they can participate in any NEXT Steps volunteer opportunity.

Skillcoin Rewards™
Based on $30.00 STEAM eGift Card Purchase
Student Stipend Fund – $9.00
Impact Project Fund – $12.00
COD Network Fund – $9.00

Proof of Work Submission Form
Click the button below to submit proof of your completed work in order to collect this digital badge.

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