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The Story of The 17 Realms

Follow the journeys of The Guardians, The Elder Circle, The Oracle, “The 17” Legacy Council  and their new STEAM skillsmen as they try to save The 17 Realms from destruction.

Story Archives


“The 17” Legacy Council

“The 17” Legacy Council is the governing body that maintains harmony and is responsible for managing the unique contributions of society members from all 17 Realms.  They must put a plan of action together quickly if The CoD Society is to survive this latest round of attacks.

The Oracle

The Oracle of Prophecies began using her magical cards to teach Guardians and their STEAM skillsmen how to unlock the secrets of The 17 Realms in order to save them all.

The Guardians of The 17 Realms

The Guardians are the master skillsmen of their realms and are responsible for equipping even the youngest among them with the STEAM skills required to join their ranks to fight the evil forces trying to destroy their realm communities.

The Elder Circle Storytelling Series

The Guardians called upon the wisdom and experiences of The Elder Circle in order to teach their young skillsmen how to find acceptance, self accountability, cultural awareness, and spiritual rejuvenation during their quest to unlock the secrets of The 17 Realms.

The STEAM Skillsmen

STEAM Skillsmen are the next generation of Guardians that must learn the secrets of The 17 Realms in order to protect all of their realm communities from the evil forces trying to destroy them.



Discover the secrets that STEAM skillsmen must learn from each of The 17 Realms.

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Architecture & Construction

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

Business Management & Administration

Education & Training

Film, Digital Media & Entertainment


Government & Public Policy

Green Energy & Sustainable Technologies

Health Sciences

Hospitality & Tourism

Human Services

Information Technology

Law & Public Safety



STEAM Investigative Process

Transportation,Distribution & Logistics

The Guardians must teach STEAM skillsmen the skills they use to protect and sustain the communities within their realms.

The Guardian of A/V Technologies

Indigosion Demigods battle against those who oppose their belief that the Way of the SORUL should be “Preservation of the “INNER” and ROTTING the OUTER”.

Elders throughout The 17 Realms deposit stories to The Elder Circle in order to share their wisdom and knowledge from generation to generation.

Discover the true magic of The Oracle’s magical cards.

STEAM skillsmen must present their achievements to members of The Legacy Council within their realms in order to collect rewards and advance in their training.

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The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program is an award-winning nonprofit organization of the NEXT Steps Small Business Incubator. In order to reduce the negative impact of poverty, we use educational technology platforms to create learning environments that maximize engagement, generate wealth and build sustainable communities.

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