Workshops & Special Events Director

Earn the Workshops & Special Events Leadership Digital Badge by communicating your JEM Team’s mission to stakeholders through events and fundraisers…

Team Operations Director

Earn the Team Operations Digital Badge by selecting and assigning individuals, businesses and/or organizations to roles within your JEM Team’s netwo…

Network Services Director

Earn the Network Services Director Leadership Digital Badge by measuring and improving the accuracy and effectiveness of your JEM Team’s digital tec…


Earn the Leadership Digital Badge by creating and implementing impact solutions to demonstrate effective leadership skills

General Manager

Earn the General Manager Leadership Digital Badge by driving the short and long-term strategic growth plans and day-to-day executions of your JEM Team

Finance Director

Earn the Finance Director Leadership Digital Badge by ensuring the development and financial sustainability of organization-wide policies and initiati…

Family & Peer Network

Earn the Family & Peers Leadership Digital Badge by managing the role that family and peer networks play in influencing your decisions


Earn the Culture Digital Badge by demonstrating your ability to balance direct and indirect influences to make decisions that benefit the entire team …

Conflict Resolution

Earn the Conflict Resolution Leadership Digital Badge by demonstrating a high level of social skills that de-escalates situations and finds common gro…

Community Ecosystem

Earn the Community Ecosystem Leadership Badge by exploring the socio-economic indicators that define the health of your community's ecosystem.
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