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The Revolution of STEAM Education

Through Financial Literacy ▪ Blockchain Technology ▪ Entertainment ▪ Entrepreneurship

About Us


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Serving Families & Communities Since 2008

The NEXT Steps Small Business Incubator & Youth Entrepreneur Program Innovative EdTech Platform for STEAM Education
Our companies created Community On Demand to serve as a Veteran-led STEAM Entrepreneurship & Talent Pipeline Management System to help learners of all ages tranform their knowledge, special abilities, interests, STEAM skills and achievements int digital credentials, employment and career-building opportunities.



Career Awareness & Exploration
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding
STEAM Career Selection
Leadership, Team-Building & Problem Solving

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Why We Must
Do Better. Think BIGGER!

Who We Are

The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program is an award-winning, youth development intermediary that establishes lines of communication between students, schools, volunteers, mentors, nonprofit organizations and local businesses.

Together, with the edtech platform of The NEXT Steps Small Business Incubator, we are able to integrate our programming into school improvement plans and community engagement policies of Title I and targeted school districts.  As a collaborative impact solution, our Partners In Education are able to create work-based learning experiences that increase the technical and soft STEAM skills of K-12 youth, young adults, STEAM educators and lifelong learners.

Here’s The Truth!

If we do not protect the 17 STEAM industries that provide the health, infrastructure, and resources within our local economies, we won’t be able to ensure future growth, success and sustainability for all of our citizens.

Our Solution

The NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network must work together to help each member of society strengthen their high-demand STEAM skills in order to protect the STEAM industries needed to sustain our local economies now and in the future.

Our Mission

Reduce the negative impact of poverty by eliminating the poverty mindset

Our Vision

Revolutionize STEAM education through financial literacy, blockchain technology, entertainment & entrepreneurship

Our Strategy & Management Team

In order to reduce the negative impact of poverty, the NEXT Steps Small Business Incubator & Youth Entrepreneur Program invented Community On Demand as a highly interactive community engagement strategy to help disenfranchised individuals gain the life and high-demand STEAM skills needed to create, secure and retain employment opportunities within their local communities.

For more information on how to integrate Community On Demand into your community development and workforce readiness initiatives, request a free 1-hr consultation

Our Founder

Dana Jewel Harris Founder & CEO
In order for us to do better, we must think BIGGER!
US Army Veteran
Strategic Planning & Logistics Specialist
Urban Farm & Design Specialist
Author & Game Developer
Serial Entrepreneur

Dana Jewel Harris has over 8 years’ experience in U.S. Military Operations as a Logistics Specialist and 25 years’ experience in corporate and nonprofit C-Level administration. She has had solid career experiences in the real estate, entertainment, food services, marketing & advertising, construction, government, corporate and non-profit industries. Her specialties are in project management, strategic planning, program design, community outreach, event management, fundraising, and C-Level executive administration.

In 1996, Ms. Harris invented her signature Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) organizational development model based on the skills she gained from the military and her job at LaFace Records. Her skills allowed her to serve in significant administrative and leadership roles that procured $7mm-$2.4billion in revenue, sales and/or start-up capital for large and small businesses and provide administrative production for eight multi-platinum and gold R&B recording projects ($8MM) while serving as A & R Administrative Assistant at LaFace Records — helping put Atlanta music on the map.

She expanded the application of her CIGS model to STEAM education and urban farming which led to the creation of her capacity-building design tool called The ATWOOD Model. In 2008, she founded The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program and raised over $450,000 in donations, grants, cash, and inventory (i.e., assets, property, and equipment valued over $100K) through her Atwood Community Garden & Urban Farm Park.

In 2012, the success of her SWOOM farmers market and the introduction to micro-credentialing inspired the first prototype for her Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System™ and the launch of The NEXT Steps Small Business Incubator.  Just four years later, she drew inspiration from Ric Mathis’ Black Friday Film Series to author “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs”, the “Community On Demand STEAM Education & Life Skills Training Manual” and develop the Community On Demand STEAM Education & Life Skills card game.

Ms. Harris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management & Administration from American InterContinental University (Magna Cum Laude).

Digital Architect | Consultant

Zeron Turlington CEO | Full Circle Group
Community On Demand
Managing Partner
Zeron leads new business development initiatives, integration strategies, operational management and new media technology solutions to help clients achieve sustainable growth and success.




Network Services Director

Brandy Booker Community On Demand
Network Services Director
Brandy is the keeper and knower of all things for The Community On Demand Digital Media Network. Call her when you want to get things done!


Creative Director

Chris Stafford CEO | C.B.Productions Union, LLCCommunity On DemandCreative Director
C.B.Productions Union LLC offers a wide range of innovative, high-quality audio services in digital media and entertainment




Audio Mixing, Mastering & Recording
DJ & Host Services
Photography, Videography & Graphic Design
Podcast & Radio Production
Curriculum Instruction & Training

Our 2020 Partners In Education

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