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Community On Demand Card Game

Use these learning tools to conduct a self-paced or guided assessment of your high demand STEAM skills.


Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Curriculum Series

The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs guides young innovators through the eight steps required to create winning business strategies, build your JEM Team, and develop successful impact strategies.


NEXT Steps Memberships

Join the NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network to become a member of the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce.


JEM Team Leadership Workshops

Attend these workshops to learn how to organize your Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams, maximize the resources you have access to, and successfully complete your service-learning projects.


STEAM Education eGfit Card Collections

Share STEAM Education eGift cards via social media to develop budgets and crowdfund resources needed for your service-learning project.

Career Awareness & Exploration
eGift Card Collection

Sponsor activities to help learners identify and explore local resources within their community.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
eGift Card Collection

Sponsor activities that teach learners economic & business development skills.

Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding
eGift Card Collection

Sponsor activities that teach learners project management and job readiness skills.

STEAM Career Clusters
eGift Card Collection

Sponsor activities to ensure learners gain STEAM skills for success in a high-demand Career Cluster.


Train-The-Trainer Workshops

Learn how to teach others how to play Community On Demand!


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