Earn the Career Advancement digital badge by demonstrating your plans for advancement within your STEAM career pathway.

Time Management

Earn the Time Management Badge by demonstrating effective use of calendars and planning tools to manage scheduled activities.


Earn the Workplace digital badge by learning and following established rules to maintain employment.


Earn the Budget digital badge by developing and using budgets and cash allocation charts to demonstrate how you manage and value resources.


Earn the Appearance digital badge by demonstrating your values on personal hygiene and appearance to your employer, mentor and team.


Earn the Feedback digital badge by giving and receiving constructive criticism, advice or instructions to better execute your impact solution


Earn the Transition Digital Badge by recognizing when it is time to change jobs and how to do so appropriately


Earn the Negotiations Digital Badge by talking through problems with your team, peers and others calmly and at the appropriate time

Effective Communication

Earn the Effective Communicator digital badge by demonstrating how you share your goals and ideas with members of your team.


Earn the Help Digital Badge by asking for and offering help throughout the development and execution of your impact solution.


Earn the Contributions Task Digital Badge by adding resources that support your team's efforts to execute an impact solution.

Mock Interview

Earn the Mock Interview Digital Badge by demonstrating mastery of your interview skills and highlighting your short term job interests

Thank You

Earn the Thank You digital badge by developing an effective follow-up strategy to continue building relationships

Job Search

Earn the Job Search Digital Badge by determining if you meet the expected requirements to secure your desired career opportunities

Takes Initiative

Earn the Takes Initiative digital badge by presenting yourself as an energetic, inventive, enterprising and proactive individual

Resume & Cover Letter

Earn the Resume & Cover Letter digital badge by having a STEAM resume, digital portfolio and cover letter

Job Market Task Digital Badge

Earn the Job Market Digital Badge by identifying, securing, understanding and completing all documentation needed to gain employment.
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