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One of Dr. Ben Carson’s White House Envision Center’s first programs this summer is, “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” written by Dana Jewel Harris, which will be introduced to students in Fort Worth TX, Kansas City, Kansas & Kansas City, Missouri for free summer classes from June 10 to Aug. 2. Students will pick a community issue and use science, technology, engineering, art and math skills to tackle the problem.
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May 06, 2019 01:56 pm, UPDATED May 06, 2019 04:06 pm

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The Money Guide Curriculum Series

The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs is an interactive workbook to help young innovators build career opportunities & business ventures.  Our 21st Century STEAM education curriculum series uses financial literacy, blockchain technology, entertainment and entrepreneurship to strengthen the high-demand STEAM skills of STEAM educators, lifelong learners, young innovators and entrepreneurs at any point in their educational journey.

Once the Money Guide is completed, learners will be able to:

•  Create a digital portfolio, financial portfolio and business plan
•  Earn digital badges & micro-credentials to demonstrate their ability to promote, brand and monetize their knowledge, capabilities, interests, STEAM skills and achievements
•  Create sustainable impact solutions for their communities and convert them into career-building opportunities and social enterprises.

The Money Guide is designed to help learners launch real world projects that solve real world problems within 8-16 weeks! For a more in-depth learning experience, purchase all of our Money Guide learning tools for a complete set!


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