The SIP Approach To Critical Thinking


The SIP Approach To Critical Thinking
Leadership Course

Learn how to identify, acknowledge and effectively communicate with others that use different methods for making decisions and solving problems.



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About This Course

The STEAM Investigative Process (The SIP) is a powerful communication tool that uses a dynamic five-step methodology to strengthen your critical thinking, decision-making, and creative problem-solving skills. The SIP demonstrates how effective communication lays the foundation for identifying opportunities, navigating challenges, driving innovation, and establishing a collaborative culture for personal and professional growth.

What You Will Learn

This orientation course introduces you to the five key components of The STEAM Investigative Process and provides 12 examples on how you may already be using it every day in your personal and professional life.

Through interactive worksheets, discussions, and collaborative posts, you will soon discover that The STEAM Investigative Process isn’t just learned—it’s lived. 

Course Activities

Gain an understanding of how this entire leadership course series will engage you in activities such as research and data analysis, strategic planning, team building, time management, business development, event coordination, local economic development, and collaboration.

Course Materials

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