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    Gamers & Mixers Net|Techs


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    Join our Monthly Gamers & Mixers Network & Technology Mixers to present new products and services for the Community On Demand Investment Club to invest in.  As a member of Gamers & Mixers, you will be able to:  

      • Collect the Information Technology Digital Badge
      • Add $12.00 in Skillcoin Rewards™ to your stipend account
      • Make a $16.00 Skillcoin Rewards™ Contribution to the Impact Project Fund (a tax-deductible donation)
      • Make a $12.00 Skillcoin Rewards™ Contribution to the CoD Network Fund (a tax-deductible donation)
      • Collect 20 Bonus Trade Points to invest in the CoD Network
      • Gain access to the Digital Badge Gallery
      • Secure a Gamers & Mixers membership at VS Realm Gaming Lounge
      • Create service-learning projects and/or launch a product, service or business
      • Request scholarships & grants from the Impact Project Fund
      • Purchase, sell and distribute your products and services
      • Vote to fund other products, services and events
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    Post A Job



    Post a job on our STEM++ Direct Job Board to create a service-learning opportunity for students participating in an Operation Restoration Service-Learning Project or skill-building activity.



    Purchase of a job post sponsors our:
    Job Market Task Digital Badge


    All job postings are listed on our STEM++ Direct Job Board for one (1) year!