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Our Mission

Provide Educators With Game-Based Learning Tools That Help Learners Quickly Build Their High-Demand Employability Skills For College & Career Readiness

CTE/STEAM Curriculum

Professional Development Training provides strategies that meet all CTE Course Standard #1 requirements for STEAM Education

Career Development

Professional Development Training provides strategies that use the Employability Skills Framework for college & career readiness


Professional Development Training provides Community Involvement Growth Strategies that enhance work-based & service-learning projects


FLASH BACK | Entrepreneurship Month On Nepris (Nov 2019)

On November 9, 2019, I hosted an Industry Chat on Entrepreneurship. I believe this was the first online presentation I did introducing The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook.

Trends & Challenges Within Tech’s Digital Divide

Students will gain an understanding of how to close the Digital Divide between marginalized voices and people through our work and technology. Students will also learn how to prepare themselves for success in this ever-changing gaming industry.

What are High-Demand Employability Skills?

By conducting their own skills self-assessment and asking questions about it, students will get a sense of what skills they need to gain or strengthen and make connections between what they’re studying and a future career option! Students will also understand why they need to pay attention to CTE courses.

How to Transition from Social Media to Offline Communication

Students will understand the distinct difference between communicating online (social media and offline i.e. workplace environments) and will learn the significance of setting up boundaries when communicating online and/or offline. They will also be able to establish more structured communication in both online and off line.

“Community On Demand is the best curriculum I think I’ve ever been involved with, and I sure hope you embrace it like I do.”

Mrs. Hinchberger, Dobbins Middle School
Paulding County School District
6th -8th grade teacher


Community On Demand card deck uses five color-coded achievement domains to introduces learners to 63 skills through critical thinking, problem solving and team-building activities.

Career Awareness & Exploration
5 Skills

Takes learners through their own skill discovery and self-assessment process

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
12 Skills

Helps learners understand how businesses operate and teaches them how to develop a business plan

Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding
17 Skills

Introduces learners to the 17 high-demand employability skills that today’s employers value most

STEAM Career Clusters
18 Skills

Introduces learners to the 17 STEAM career clusters and pathways of the National Career & Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum

Leadership, Team-Building & Problem-Solving
11 Skills

Introduces learners to the leadership roles of a successful project management team and the five key skills that influence how they make decisions.

Great for Learners of all Ages!
Recommended Ages 8 to Adult


Intro To Community On Demand

An overview of the Community On Demand card game curriculum, game pieces, five achievement domains, four levels of game play, and integration strategies.

Kansas City, MO  Team Play Date

An interview with Dana Jewel Harris after her largest Community On Demand Play Date with 100 4th – 8th graders and their teachers (Kansas City, MO)

Community On Demand Demo

Watch Mrs. Hinchberger’s  6th Graders use Community On Demand as a tool for peer-to-peer learning, discussions, innovative thinking and collaboration.


Community • Science • Innovation

Engage. Empower. Employ.

Community On Demand is revolutionizing the way employability skills are developed!

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