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We coordinate workplace experiences that integrate students’ career goals with instructions provided by local businesses and organizations.

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Work-based Learning Experiences
The CoD Digital Media Network

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How To Coordinate Work-based Learning Experiences
That Strengthen High-demand STEAM Skills

Our Programs

Job Shadowing THE EXPERIENCE GET STARTED Learn more about the nature of the job and the work environment as well as the education and training required
to succeed
Service Learning THE EXPERIENCE GET STARED Learn and apply academic, social, and personal skills to improve the community, continue individual growth, and develop a lifelong ethic of service. Mentorship THE EXPERIENCE GET STARTED Becomes a source of guidance, motivation, wisdom, teaching, role modeling, and support in the occupational field or career cluster of a student's choice. School-based
THE EXPERIENCE GET STARTED Create an ongoing, student-managed, entrepreneurial operation within the school setting to meet the needs of your school’s target markets.
Externship THE EXPERIENCE GET STARTED Get paired with a leadership coach to observe and get a preview of the day-to-day activities needed for success in your new career. Entrepreneurship THE EXPERIENCE GET STARTED Learn how to plan, implement, operate, and assume financial risks for your business in order to produce goods and deliver services. Internship THE EXPERIENCE GET STARTED Get placed in a real workplace environment to develop and practice the career-related knowledge and skills related to your career interests, abilities, and goals. Apprenticeships THE EXPERIENCE GET STARTED Apply for On-the-Job Training (OJT) with a business or nonprofit member of our Partners In Education Network to gain the employability and occupational skills required to grow their company. Co-Op Education THE EXPERIENCE GET STARTED Become a member of The JEM-TV News Team and help run the student-driven Community On Demand Digital Media Network.

Key Benefits:

Form a NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network to create effective community engagement strategies

Learn the secret behind our signature Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) Model

Get all the details on how to immediately get started creating your own Community On Demand community engagement strategy


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