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The Revolution of STEAM Education

Through Financial Literacy ▪ Blockchain Technology ▪ Entertainment ▪ Entrepreneurship

NEXT Steps Online Training Academy

A edtech platform that transforms knowledge, STEAM skills, special capabilities, interests
and achievements into digital credentials, employment and career-building opportunities.

NEXT Steps Online Training Academy Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Curriculum Series
Our edtech platform transforms knowledge, STEAM skills, special capabilities, interests and achievements into digital credentials, employment and career-building opportunities.

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Career Awareness & Exploration
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding
STEAM Career Selection
Leadership, Team-building & Problem Solving

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About The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs
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Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System™

$10.00 Value

Career Awareness & Exploration
Helps learners identify and explore local resources within their community.

$20.00 Value

Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Teaches learners economic and business development skills.

$30.00 Value

Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding
Teaches learners project management and job readiness skills.

$40.00 Value

STEAM Career Selections
Ensures learners gain industry-recognized skills for a STEAM Career Cluster.

$50.00 Value

Leadership, Team-building & Problem Solving
Rewards learners for creating solutions and demonstrating effective leadership.

Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Curriculum Series
Online courses, training materials, group licenses, leadership training and professional development workshops.
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Online Courses



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Community On Demand STEAM Education & Life Skills Development Game
Digital badges to mark achievements & earn micro-credentials; eGift cards & SKill Bills to secure digital badge sponsorships; card decks, booster packs and game mats to identify up to 63 high-demand STEAM Skills; and play date workshops and competitions to gain experience, build portfolios and launch business ventures.
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Digital Badge Gallery

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eGift Cards & SKill Bills


Decks & Game Pieces

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Play Dates & Competitions

Community On Demand Digital Media Network
Apply to join our affiliate and work-based learning programs to strengthen your STEAM skills and gain real workforce experiences in the arts, communications, film, television, retail, ecommerce, marketing and business career pathways. Sponsorship and advertising options available.
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Pop Shop Studios

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STEAM Career Clusters & Pathways
Explore each high-demand STEAM career cluster to learn more about the skills required to successfully qualify, secure and keep career-building opportunities within each industry. (Slideshow . . . Wait for it . . .)
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Work-based Learning Experiences
Apply for the type of work-based learning experience you need to strengthen your STEAM skills. (Slideshow . . . Wait for it . . .)
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Key Activities & Deliverables

Students will be able to earn micro-credentials and learn how to create a digital portfolio, financial portfolio, business plan
and pitch deck.

Students will demonstrate their ability to promote, brand and monetize their knowledge, special abilities, interests, STEAM skills and achievements.

Students will create sustainable impact solutions that benefit their communities and then learn how to convert them into career-building opportunities and social enterprises.


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