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About The CoD
A Partners In Education Network & Marketing Cooperative

Members of our network — students, teachers, volunteers, STEAM mentors, nonprofits and for-profit businesses — use digital technologies, service-learning projects and distribution channels to increase the employable STEAM skills and marketplace value of its young innovators and entrepreneurs.

Here’s How Our Digital Economy Works

Form/Join a JEM Team or Partners In Education Network in your community

Create A STEAM service-learning project or start a new community-based venture

Listen v3

Digitally document your progress and achievements to create products and services to sell

Listen v2

Upload, distribute and monetize your products, services through our digital media network

The Currencies of Our Digital Economy

The following currencies are used by members of The CoD to purchase, exchange and sell products and services throughout its e-commerce stores and digital networks.

The Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System™
STEAM Education eGift Cards • Micro-Credentials • Crypto-Currencies

Digital badges are skill-building avatars and crowdfunding tools that strengthen employable STEAM skills, increase job readiness competencies, and create currencies to sustain the Community On Demand digital economy.

Program Badges

$10 .00 ea

Helps you identify and explore local resources within your community.

Project Badges

$20 .00 ea

Teaches economic and business development skills.

Task Badges

$30 .00 ea

Teaches project management and job readiness skills.

Skills Badges

$40 .00 ea

Ensures gains of industry-recognized skills for a STEAM Cluster.

Leadership Badges

$50 .00 ea

For those who create solutions and demonstrate effective leadership.

Partner Badges

$150 .00 ea

Custom digital badge collections created by our members.

*All digital badge sponsorships are treated as tax-deductible donations to
The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program (a 501c3 nonprofit organization)

Membership Levels

Click a membership level to purchase or a button to learn more.


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