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Re-Birth of the Community Culture

The culture of our communities reflect the time, energy, skills and talents we have and use to create and sustain them. As we recover from the global pandemic and maneuver through today's socio-economic challenges, the next generation is tasked with re-defining what the word community means.

Local Contributor Networks help youth and young adults explore the people, places and things around them and celebrate how our collective impact makes the places where we live, work, learn, play and travel unique.

Local Contributor Networks


Local Contributor Networks use The Community On Demand Purpose Development Training System to ensure purpose is integrated throughout the meaningful learning experiences we create to equip youth and young adults with the required academic knowledge, technical expertise, and “employability skills” they need to create, secure and retain career-building opportunities.

This is done through:

Personal readiness training
Skills self-assessments
Purpose development coaching
Work-based learning experiences
Career matching & destination
LOCAL CONTRIBUTION network members include:
Local Businesses

Community On Demand
Local Contributor Network Services

Flexible, Blended-Learning Employment Solutions

Digital Media Network

Markets, sells and distributes the products, services, activities, innovative ideas and content of Local Contributor Network members

Online Academy

Our online learning management system that offers online courses, workshops and webinars in self-paced and guided formats

Business Incubator

Provides organizational development, operations and business support services to Local Contributor Network members

The Pop Shop

The merchandising and marketing ecommerce system fueled by the in-game currencies of the Community On Demand card game and digital economy


Credentials awarded for demonstrating effective use of a targeted set of high-demand employability skills

Youth Chamber

Creates, manages and sponsors career fairs, meetups and special events that bridge the communication gaps between the education and business communities

How To Get Started

Activate your Local Contributor Network membership in just four easy steps!


Select the membership levels that's right for you, your team, your family and/or your business.


Work with a Purpose Development Coach to create a strategic plan of action for your life, career and community


Engage in skills self-assessment activities, leadership training workshops and work-based learning experiences


Present the results of your growth, achievements and return on investment (ROI) at Local Contributor Network events

Member Pricing

Select any membership plan below to learn more about the benefits of each engagement level


We Love You!
  • Contribute your time, energy and resources with others who are passionate about getting today’s youth and young adults college and career ready


Ages 8-24
/ Year
  • Form/Join a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team to learn how to play and win the Community On Demand card game

Mentors, Individuals & STEAM Professionals

$ 55
/ Year
  • Become a Purpose Development Coach to help Local Contribution Network Members develop their high-demand employability skills.


& Community Groups
/ Year
  • Use the mission of your organization to help create meaningful work-based learning experiences for members of our Local Contributor Network


& Corporations
/ Year
  • Integrate Community On Demand as a work-based learning platform and growth development system for your current and future employees

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