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A Veteran-Led STEAM Entrepreneurship & Skills Development System
for K-12 Youth, Young Adults, STEAM Educators & Lifelong Learners

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Help us reduce the negative impact of poverty by eliminating the poverty mindset

4.5 MM

Number of disconnected young people in the US ages 16-24
14.7% Population

747 k

Number of disconnected young people with a disability
16.6% Population

1.14 MM

Number of disconnected young people with less than a high school diploma
25.3% Population

2.3 MM

Number of disconnected young people w/high school diploma and no further education
51.3% Population

1.52 MM

Number of disconnected young people in poverty
33.8% Population

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Strengthen your STEAM Skills to help your family, team and community create collective impact solutions

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Community On Demand

Work-Based Learning Experiences

We coordinate workplace experiences that are related to students’ career goals and integrated with instruction via partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

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Economics 101

Community-Driven Growth Strategies

We provide assessments, community engagement strategies and partnership plans that meet the needs of the entire community ecosystem and economy.

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STEAM Trends

Talent Pipeline Management

We capture how learners transfer their knowledge, skills, capabilities, interests and achievements into digital credentials, employment and career-building opportunities.

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Our Members

Partners In Education Network

We bridge the communications gap between the education and business communities by creating collective impact solutions with families, teachers, volunteers, mentors, nonprofit organizations and local businesses.

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Learn how to create, secure and keep employment and career-building opportunities


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